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Welcome at the Aquaristikshop !
From now on you can also use the popular payment method of PayPal in the Aquaristikshop. Do you already have an account with ebay? Then you probably have a PayPal account, too. You can use that for paying in the Aquaristikshop as well. Of course, you can go on paying as usual cash on delivery, by credit card or in advance. Please take note of our latest special offers.

In the Aquaristikshop you get value for money and buy everything for your aquarium safely. Since 1998 we have been delivering fast and reliably worldwide. We have more than 100,000 satisfied customers all over the world.

JBL Plankton Pur -
100% natural Premium food for all fresh an salt water fish

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EHEIM reeflex UV
highly effective UV water clarifier with new reflector technology

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Aquarium Münster Treatments Juwel Nitrate Removal Sponge
The new treatments
especially for marine water fishes

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Juwel Nitrate Removal Sponge
will reduce the nitrate level in the aquarium significantly

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NEW: JBL CO² sets Easy
JBL CO² sets Easy 1 and Easy 2 Professional CO² sets for a luxuriant underwater garden

Easy Set 1 - with vario diffusion system, pressure reducer and CO²/pH permanent test
Easy Set 2 - additionally with solenoid valve

new JBL filter media JBL BioFerm
Bio filter media against algae
JBL SintoMec
white Intensive Biofilter pellets
JBL MicroMec
white Intensive Biofilter rings

all JBL filter media here

3% discount!
As from an order amount of EUR 69,- you will always receive 3% of discount. You do not have to do anything to get it, and you do not need a discount card, bonus points or any thing else. This discount will be deducted from your order automatically. You can see the amount of discount you receive on the order page or in the shopping cart.
When you have logged in, you can always see the amount of shipping costs in the info line at the top edge of the screen. You will also see all prices with or without german VAT, depending which country you live in. If you have not registered or logged in yet, the prices will always be given including the German VAT. 
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You can ensure your purchase in the Aquaristikshop up to an amount of 2,500 EUR each order against the risk of non-delivery or credit card misuse. We will assume the cost of such insurance. You olny have to register with TrustedShops after the order procedure.
Easy-Life EasyCarbon
NEW ! Easy-Life 
liquid carbon fertiliser
New JBL CO²-Technic
NEW JBL CO² Technic
Easy-Life ProFito
NEW ! Easy-Life 
ProFito Plant fertilizer
EHEIM Gravel cleaner
Gravel cleaner with quick stop and integrated priming aid
EHEIM aquaristic mainetnance spray
Maintenance spray
Color quartz aquarium gravel
Color aquarium gravel
Special offers

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