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PVC Hose Nozzle with fusion spigot

PVC Hose Nozzle with fusion spigot
 12 mm 1.15 EUR 
 16 mm 0.99 EUR 
 20 mm 1.09 EUR 
 25 mm 1.29 EUR 
 32 mm 1.52 EUR 
 40 mm 1.88 EUR 
 50 mm 2.60 EUR 
 63 mm 4.49 EUR 

Price including german VAT plus shipping costs

  • With PVC fittings you can realise a complete pipe system for your aquarium. You can connect pumps, filters and more than one aquarium to a system. All PVC fittings will be glued with a special PVC glue.

    PVC Hose nozzle with fusion spigot the Hose nozzle has a connetcor for a hose at the one side and a fusion spigot at the other side.

    available in the following sizes:
    - 12 mm
    - 16 mm
    - 20 mm
    - 25 mm
    - 32 mm
    - 40 mm
    - 50 mm
    - 63 mm

    Please find the exact dimensions at the Infopage for the hose nozzle with fusion spigot.

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    -Tangit PVC-U Adhesive
    -Tangit PVC Cleanser

    Nr.spare part
    not available
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