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Dennerle Guide Aquarium Plants

Dennerle Guide Aquarium Plants

Dennerle Guide Aquarium Plants

for all aquarium fans who love plants
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  • Dennerle Guide aquarium plants by Stefan Hummel is not only an extensive catalog with all Dennerle aquarium plants listed from AZ, but also a guide with tips and advices for the care of aquarium plants, design of underwater landscapes and much more. You will also find reports with photos from the natural areas of the aquarium plants.

    Dennerle Guide Aquarium Plants
    + for all aquarium fans who love plants
    + 148 pages with filing tabs
    + over 670 images
    + by and with Dennerle Plantahunter Stefan Hummel
    + including plant encyclopaedia with care instructions, tips and tricks, 64 pages
    + images of all plants with their submerged and emersed appearance
    + photographs from nature, aquarium landscapes, decoration examples

    The 7 Dennerle rules, plant care and fertilisation, aquascaping, Nano-aquatics, algae and much more. In short: Lots of tips and tricks for a successful aquarium designs with the Dennerle system!

    About the author:
    Stefan Hummel, horticulture master of ornamental plants, has worked for Europe's premier aquarium plants nursery since 1994. His main activities include the development and discovery of aquarium plants. On the strength of his expertise, he is a member of various juries for assessing aquarium landscape designs.

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