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JBL ProFlora Bio 80 eco

JBL ProFlora Bio 80 eco

JBL ProFlora Bio 80 eco

simple CO2 system for aquaria up to 80 l
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  • JBL ProFlora bio80 eco is a simple and easy to use Bio-CO2-System for aquaria from 30 up to 80 litres content. CO2 is the main nutrient which all aquarium plants require in order to grow healthy and strong. In doing so, plants provide the fish and other living organisms in the aquarium with vital oxygen. JBL ProFlora bio80 eco produce CO2 from an organic substrate by natural means, using the activity of harmless microorganisms. The substrate has a buffer system specially developed by JBL to ensure a practically constant production of CO2 for about 40 days. JBL ProFlora bio80 eco is simple and easy to operate and do not require pressurised gas cylinders.

    JBL ProFlora bio80 eco:
    + provides aquariums of 30 – 80 l with the basic plant nutrient, carbon dioxide (CO2) for 40 days
    + visible success through luxuriant plant growth – resulting in less algae
    + simple to install, Ready to use within a few minutes
    + contains storage cylinder, bio-components, 2 m special black CO2 hose, suction pad and diffuser
    + refillable with JBL ProFlora bioRefill

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