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Water Conditioners > Water Conditioner > PREIS

for the care of gills and intestines
from 14.90 €*
PREIS Carely
for the mineralization of osmosis water
from 19.69 €*
Preis Discus Minerals
for a safe balance between calcium and magnesium
from 9.29 €*
PREIS Magnesium-Iodine concentrate
energizer for the fresh- and the seawater fish
from 9.49 €*
PREIS Fish-V-Power

special bacteria for fresh water aquaria
10.75 €*
PREIS Baktoplan Fresh 250  ml
special bacteria for marine water aquaria
21.29 €*
PREIS Baktoplan Marin 500 ml
Water treatment for sea water
from 7.29 €*
PREIS Organ Planer Sea
sea salt without sodium chloride
from 16.95 €*
PREIS Mineral Salt

Mineral solution for increasing carbon hardness
from 10.90 €*
Formel Preis Korall
For the restoration of trace elements and minerals
from 9.39 €*
PREIS Mineral-Komplex S
for acclimation of new fish
1.69 €*
PREIS Immun-Tonic S 30 ml
for acclimation of new fish
1.69 €*
PREIS Immun-Tonic M 30 ml

for a fast biological equilibrium
from 14.90 €*
PREIS Discus Water Fit
for treatment in seawater
from 10.79 €*
PREIS Neospot Marin
for making the Balling method
8.79 €*
PREIS Sodium bicarbonate 1000 g
for making the Balling method
8.55 €*
PREIS Calcium chloride dihydrate 800 g

adding magnesium to sea water
11.55 €*
PREIS Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate 500 g
for aquariums up to 65 litres
45.95 €*
PREIS Nano-Starter-Kit
adding magnesium to sea water
16.99 €*
PREIS Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 800 g
Ergänzungsprodukt zur Balling-Methode
7.99 €*
Preis Iodine 50 ml