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TUNZE Tidal current Kit TS48

TUNZE Tidal current Kit TS48

TUNZE Tidal current Kit TS48

4x Turbelle stream 6100 + Multicontroller 7095
  1,299.90 EUR 

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  • Conventional aquarium pumps generate excessively high flow rates in the core area of the water jet, but on the outside of the core area the current is too low. This difference leads to stress for the aquarium inhabitants, such as coral polyps. TUNZE research sets new standards in current patterns with the aim of reproducing every zone of a coral reef in the aquarium. The new Turbelle stream pumps produce gentle current speeds at high flow rates of up to 12,000 litres per hour. These pumps are not suitable as filter pumps.

    The Turbelle stream Tidal current kit TS48 contains:
    4 pumps Turbelle stream 6100 with 4x12,000/h
    one Multicontroller 7095

    for aquariums from 100 - 6000 l, wave simulation, sequential pump circuit, tide simulation, foodtimer and operation in night mode

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