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Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day

Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day

Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day

brilliant day light for fresh water aquaria
 24 W = 438 mm JUWEL 18.95 EUR 
 24 W = 549 mm 19.99 EUR 
 28 W = 590 mm JUWEL 20.90 EUR 
 35 W = 742 mm JUWEL 23.59 EUR 
 39 W = 849 mm 22.69 EUR 
 45 W = 895 mm JUWEL 23.99 EUR 
 54 W = 1047 mm JUWEL 25.99 EUR 
 54 W = 1149 mm 25.99 EUR 
 54 W = 1200 mm JUWEL 25.99 EUR 
 80 W = 1449 mm 27.99 EUR 

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  • Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day:
    + with 6000 K the tube bathes aquaria in brilliant daylight
    + fresh light aflood with vitality, just like at noon on a fine summers day
    + Colour rendition: Excellent – brings out the natural colouring of fish and plants in all its glory
    + ideal for imitating waters exposed to bright sunlight, e.g. Malawi and Tanganyika aquaria
    + outstanding growing light for aquarium plants
    + Trocal Longlife technology: Over 10,000 lighting hours
    + with UV Stop foil - anti-algae effect

    With a diameter of only 16 mm, Dennerle TROCAL fluorescent tubes offer higher light intensity than comparable T8 tubes and are optimised for operation at an ambient temperature of 35 °C. This makes them ideal for illuminating deeper aquaria or aquaria that require plenty of light. A unique advantage of the new T5 fluorescent tube technology from Dennerle is the UV Stop feature. All the tubes possess a special UV Stop protective foil which filters out UV light under 400 nm – a wavelength range particularly conducive to algae growth. In this way algae growth is effectively kept in check, allowing aquarium plants to flourish. The high-quality Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day tubes are manufactured according to state-of-the-art production processes in Germany and combine a very high light output with excellent colour rendition and a long service life. The Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day lmap can be combined with Dennerle Color Plus or Special Plant to create a individual light climate. Dennerle TROCAL fluorescent tubes have a useful life of 10,000 to 15,000 lighting hours, corresponding to a service life of up to 3 years. This means there is no need to replace them after 12 months.

    24 Watt = 438 mm, nur für JUWEL-Aquarien
    24 W = 549 mm
    28 W = 590 mm, only for JUWEL
    35 W = 742 mm, only for JUWEL
    39 W = 849 mm
    45 W = 895 mm, only for JUWEL
    54 W = 1047 mm, only for JUWEL
    54 W = 1149 mm
    54 W = 1200 mm, only for JUWEL
    80 W = 1449 mm

    Please note: the with -only for Juwel aquaria- indicated lenghts are only suitable for the special Juwel aquaria lighting. These lengths will not fit with normal T5 lights!

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    at 14.11.2015:
    Great lamp for plants
    Plants become saturated colors
    I recommend !