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Lighting > Fluorescent Tubes

creates a cool and bright light
from 14.85 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Day
creates a actinic blue light
from 18.95 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Blue
creates a intense white light for marine water
from 18.95 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Marine
3000 K, for magnificient plant aquaria
from 16.99 €*
Dennerle TROCAL de Luxe Special-Plant T8

6000 K, fresh, vivid light
from 24.59 €*
Dennerle T8 TROCAL-de Luxe Amazon-Day
Full-spectrum daylight for fresh and marine water
from 20.85 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Natur T5
Full-spectrum tube for aquatic plants
from 27.50 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Tropic T5
Daylight tube for sea water aquariums
from 21.79 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Marin Day T5

special blue tube for marine aquariums
from 22.75 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Marin Blue T5
for increasing the coloure intensity
from 27.50 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Color T5
premium growing light for aquarium plants
from 20.59 €*
Dennerle TROCAL T5 Special Plant
brilliant day light for fresh water aquaria
from 18.85 €*
Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day

Colour-boosting effect
from 25.59 €*
Dennerle TROCAL T5 Color Plus
simulates tropical light spectrum
from 15.39 €*
Sylvania Aquastar
for healthy plant growth
from 11.85 €*
Sylvania Gro-Lux
daylight fluorescent tube
from 9.69 €*
Sylvania Luxline Plus

simulates tropical light spectrum
from 17.89 €*
Sylvania Aquastar T5
improves the growth of corals
from 17.49 €*
Sylvania Coralstar T5
daylight tube for fresh and marine water aquaria
from 21.29 €*
JBL Solar Natur
for intensive colour in freshwater aquaria
from 28.95 €*
JBL Solar Color

Daylight tube for marine water aquaria
from 21.79 €*
JBL Solar Marin Day
blue special fluorescent tube
from 20.85 €*
JBL Solar Marin Blue
for desert reptile species
from 24.95 €*
Arcadia D3+ Reptile 12% UVB
for forest reptile species
from 25.85 €*
Arcadia D3 Reptile 6% UVB

supplies a warm, balanced light
from 11.95 €*
Arcadia Natural Sunlight
Power tube for marine water
from 15.90 €*
Sylvania Marinestar T5
brighter light for a longer time
from 7.99 €*
OSRAM Lumilux 865 Daylight
brighter light for a longer time
from 7.90 €*
OSRAM Lumilux 840 Coolwhite

für kräftiges Pflanzenwachstum
from 13.99 €*
Röhre für Meerwasserbecken
from 15.90 €*
for lush aquarium plant growth
from 16.90 €*
JBL Solar Tropic
available soon

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