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LED Lighting

plant light spectrum LED, Bluetooth controller
from 119.95 €*
Fluval Plant LED
daylight LED, 6500 K
from 48.95 €*
EHEIM classic LED daylight
Freshwater LED 8350 K
from 58.95 €*
EHEIM classic LED plants
LED with Bluetooth controller
from 89.95 €*
Fluval AquaSky LED

Freshwater LED with 6750 K
from 119.95 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ fresh daylight
powerLED plants for optimal plant growth
from 129.95 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ fresh plants
white/blue LED for marine water aquaria
from 139.95 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ marine hybrid
actinic blue LED for marine water
from 139.95 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ marine actinic

safety power supply 24 V
from 23.95 €*
EHEIM Power Supply for powerLED+
power supply for SolarStinger/SolarRaptor
from 29.95 €*
Econlux DRV2 Universal Driver -Power Supply-
5 channel controller for SolarStinger LED
67.95 €*
Econlux SolarStinger CON1
for installing the LED in an T5/T8 lighting
3.95 €*
Fluval Adaptor T5/T8 for Fluval LED

for Fluval Marine & Plant LED
14.95 €*
Fluval Haning kit LED
power supply for Fluval LED
from 16.95 €*
Fluval LED Driver -Power Supply-
complete LED upgrade set wih Bluetooth
from 159.95 €*
Fluval Conversion Set LED Vincenza & Venezia
control unit for the EHEIM PowerLED+
76.95 €*
EHEIM LED Control für PowerLED+

wireless controller for EHEIM powerLED+
146.95 €*
EHEIM LED control+ Wireless LED Controller
underwater camera for smartphone & tablet
155.95 €*
Juwel Smart Cam -underwater camera-
universal bracket for the HeliaLux LED
14.59 €*
Juwel HeliaLux LED UniversalFit
from 169.95 €*
Juwel HeliaLux Spectrum -full spectrum LED Lighting Unit-

2 HeliaLux connected to one controller
from 27.95 €*
Juwel HeliaLux Splitter
129.95 €*
Juwel HeliaLux Smart Control -LED Controller-
control unit for NovoLux LED
33.95 €*
Juwel NovoLux Day Control
daylight LED with 9000 K
from 14.95 €*
Juwel LED Day

warm, natural light, 6500 K
from 14.95 €*
Juwel LED Nature
colour enhancing LED, 4425 K
from 21.95 €*
Juwel LED Colour
bright white light, 14,000 K
from 21.95 €*
Juwel LED Marine
actinic blue light
from 21.95 €*
Juwel LED Blue

dimming controller for EHEIM powerLED
43.90 €*
EHEIM Dimmer Day & Night for powerLED 12V
dimming controller for EHEIM classic LED
47.90 €*
EHEIM Dimmer Day & Night for classic LED
marine spectrum LED, Bluetooth controller
from 129.95 €*
Fluval Marine LED
multi-color underwater spotlight
39.95 €*
Fluval Prism 2.0 LED Spotlight

clip-on lamp for smaller aquariums
85.95 €*
Fluval Plant Nano LED
clip-on lamp for smaller aquariums
105.95 €*
Fluval Marine Nano LED
clip-on lamp for smaller aquariums
65.95 €*
Fluval C.O.B. (Chip On Board) Nano LED
from high quality, fits individually with RGB LED
from 89.95 €*
Econlux SolarStinger SunStrip 35 Fresh

very powerful LED lighting
from 65.95 €*
Econlux SolarStinger SunStrip 70 Fresh
powerful LED lighting for marine water
from 74.95 €*
Econlux SolarStinger SunStrip 70 Marine
5 color channels, more powerful output
from 55.95 €*
Econlux SolarStinger SunStrip III 35 Fresh
uinversally usable LED lighting
from 89.90 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Freshwater

uinversally usable LED lighting, marine water
from 133.90 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal marine & reef
uinversally usable LED lighting, reef tanks
from 115.90 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Marine Blue
uinversally usable LED lighting, 100% blue
from 89.90 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Deep Blue
creates sunset and sunrise
59.95 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 Plus

LED Controller with 2 channels
65.95 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 Plus
LED Controller with app for smartphones
99.95 €*
Aquatlantis Luminus LED Controller
power supply for LED
from 12.29 €*
Aquatlantis LED Power Supply
replacement driver for classic LED
from 29.95 €*
EHEIM POwer Supply for classic LED

High-performance LED light for freshwater aquariums
from 87.95 €*
JBL LED Solar Natur
rope hanging fixture for JBL LED Solar
18.95 €*
JBL LED Solar Hanging
wireless controller for the JBL LED
149.95 €*
JBL LED Solar Control
effect light as supplement to JBL LED
from 76.95 €*
JBL LED Solar Effect RGB

for connecting 2 LED to one power supply
14.95 €*
EHEIM Y Cable for PowerLED+
recplacement power supply for Juwel LED
from 17.95 €*
Juwel LED Power Supply
LED attachable light for mini aquariums
75.95 €*
Dennerle Nano Power LED 5.0
2 channel LED lamp for T5/T8 lightings
from 37.95 €*
Aquatlantis Easy LED Tube Freshwater

power supply for JBL LED lightings
from 39.95 €*
JBL LED Solar Driver
true color light for freshwater and marine water
from 22.95 €*
sera LED X-Change Tube neutral brilliant white
blue reef light, enhances fluorescence effects
from 27.95 €*
sera LED X-Change Tube marine blue sunrise
daylight LED, 6,000 - 8,000 K
from 22.95 €*
sera LED X-Change Tube daylight sunrise

bluish daylight LED, 10,000 - 12,000 K
from 20.95 €*
sera LED X-Change Tube cool daylight
plant light sera LED, 2,450 K
from 21.95 €*
sera LED X-Change Tube plantcolor sunrise
individually programmable LED dimmer
42.95 €*
sera LED Digital Dimmer
for the connection of up to 3 LED X-Change
4.39 €*
sera LED Triple Cable

extension cable 1.2 m
4.39 €*
sera LED Extension Cable
for the installing of LED in T5/T8 fixtures
from 4.39 €*
sera LED Adaptor
power supply for X-Change LED
from 22.79 €*
sera LED Driver -Power supply-
mounts LED on open aquariums
27.49 €*
Sera LED Tube Holder clear

overtank luminaire for LED lamps, 80 cm
from 45.95 €*
sera LED fixture 800
overtank luminaire for LED lamps, 100 cm
from 55.95 €*
sera LED fixture 1000
overtank luminaire for LED lamps, 120 cm
from 65.95 €*
sera LED fixture 1200
LED for mounting in T5/T8 lightings
from 36.95 €*
AQUAEL Leddy Tube Retrofit Sunny LED

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