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Plant care

highly concentrated fertilizer for demanding aquarists
from 3.39 €*
Easy-Life ProFito
liquid carbon fertiliser
from 3.39 €*
Easy-Life EasyCarbo
fights algae at the freshwater aquarium
from 5.85 €*
Easy-Life AlgExit
works against blue-green or slime algae
from 5.85 €*
Easy-Life Blue Exit

Anti Algae Treatment
from 7.85 €*
eSHa Protalon-707
Complete fertiliser for water plants
from 5.89 €*
Tropica Plant Growth Premium Fertiliser
special fertiliser for water plants
from 5.89 €*
Tropica Plant Growth Specialised Fertiliser
for aquarium glasses up to 30 mm
179.95 €*
Mag-Float Magnet aquarium cleaner floating, XL

559.00 €*
Mag-Float Aquarium cleaner floating Super Professional
substrate for shrimp and plant aquariums
from 9.79 €*
Fluval STRATUM Aquarium Substrate
bio active volcanic soil from Japan
from 13.85 €*
Fluval Bio-Stratum Aquarium Substrate
5 easy planting baskets
5.59 €*
Fluval Plant Basket 5x

from 239.95 €*
TUNZE Power Magnet pane cleaner
mild, biological algae control
from 4.95 €*
Tetra AlguMin
fights all species of algae
from 7.69 €*
Hobby Algenkiller
for 3-6 mm glass thickness
9.49 €*
TUNZE Care Magnet pico

for 6-10 mm glass thickness
17.85 €*
TUNZE Care Magnet nano
for 10-15 mm glass thickness
33.85 €*
TUNZE Care Magnet long
for 15-20 mm glass thickness
68.85 €*
TUNZE Care Magnet strong
for 20-25 mm glass thickness
78.95 €*
TUNZE Care Magnet strong+

active ground with 2-3 mm grain size
from 19.85 €*
Tropica Aquarium Soil
active ground with 1-2 mm grain size
from 22.85 €*
Tropica Aquarium Soil Powder
Adds vitality to the aquarium
from 39.85 €*
Dennerle Perfect Plant S7 VitaMix
Potassium addition for water plants
from 4.95 €*
Easy-Life Potassium

root fertilizer for all water plants
5.85 €*
Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks -Root Fertilizer-
black long-term mineral substrate
from 15.85 €*
Dennerle Deponit-Mix Black 10in1
professional nutrient medium for plants
from 12.85 €*
Dennerle Deponit-Mix Professional 10i n 1
daily fertiliser for water plants
from 4.89 €*
JBL Ferropol 24

complete liquid fertilizer with iron
from 4.95 €*
JBL Ferropol
extra strong and concentrated
from 4.95 €*
Easy-Life Ferro
for increasing the phosphate level
from 4.95 €*
Easy-Life Fosfo
for increasing the nitrate level
from 4.95 €*
Easy-Life Nitro

root fertilization tablets
from 4.89 €*
Tetra Crypto Root Fertilizer
Carbon is essential for good plant growth
from 3.39 €*
Easy-Life Easy Carbo Bio
monthtly universal fertilizer
from 4.95 €*
Tetra PlantaMin
weekly water plant fertilizer
10.79 €*
Tetra PlantaPro

liquid CO2 fertilizer
7.85 €*
Tetra CO2 Plus
with integrated trimmer
from 11.85 €*
EHEIM Plant tong
Plant Food and Nutrients
from 4.29 €*
eSHa Pro-Phyll
Plant Growth Booster
from 4.69 €*
eSHa Crypto-Plus

effectively fights algae in freshwater aquariums
from 7.29 €*
JBL Algol
Plant tong an scissors
from 4.95 €*
Plant Tong with scissors
nutritions capsules for aquarium plants
from 6.39 €*
Tropica Nutrition Capsules
design tool for mini-aquaria
29.85 €*
Dennerle Nano Aquascaping-Set

14.85 €*
Dennerle XL Plant Tweezers
floats and with great cleaning power
11.85 €*
Mag-Float Aquarium cleaner floating, small
21.85 €*
Mag-Float Aquarium cleaner floating, long
29.85 €*
Mag-Float Aquarium cleaner floating, large

complete nutrient supply
from 7.59 €*
Dennerle Plant Elixir Basic
nutrient balls for water plants
from 5.59 €*
Dennerle Plant Care Basic Root
high-performance water plants fertilizer
from 13.85 €*
Dennerle Plant Care Pro
High-performance daily fertilizer for plants
8.59 €*
Dennerle Plant Care Pro Daily

Macronutrient fertilizer for demaning plant aquaria
from 13.85 €*
Dennerle Plant Care NPK
phosphare fertilizer for demaning plant aquaria
10.95 €*
Dennerle Plant Care P
Potassium fertilizer for demaning plant aquaria
10.95 €*
Dennerle Plant Care K
vital substrances for demanding plant aquaria
from 20.85 €*
Dennerle Plant System S7

iron fertilizer for demanding plant aquaria
from 8.85 €*
Dennerle Plant System E15
complete fertilizer for demanding plant aquaria
from 20.85 €*
Dennerle Plant System V30
root fertilizer for demaning aquaria
from 6.79 €*
Dennerle Plant Care Pro Root
fertilizer system for aquaria from 100 l
24.85 €*
Dennerle Plant System Set

biological carbon fertilizer
from 7.59 €*
Dennerle Carbo Care Bio
active carbon fertiliser for fast plant growth
from 9.85 €*
Dennerle Carbo Care Pro
growth enhancer for aquarium plants
13.85 €*
Dennerle Plant Active Enzymes
plant substrate with long term nutrition store
from 5.85 €*
Tropica Plant Substrate

displaces red slime algae
from 7.89 €*
Easy-Life Excital
automatic fertilisation for plants
10.85 €*
Dennerle Dosator Plant Fertilizing Automat
curved scissors, 30 cm
24.85 €*
JBL ProScape Tool S30 curved
straight scissors, 30 cm
24.95 €*
JBL ProScape Tool S30 straight

restores the biological balance
from 5.79 €*
Easy-Life Bio-Exit Green
restores the bacterial balance
from 5.79 €*
Easy-Life Bio-Exit Blue
basic fertilizer for aquarium plants
from 3.89 €*
Sera florena
fertilizer tablets for roots fertilization
from 5.59 €*
Sera florenette

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