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Water Care

for the mineralization of osmosis water
from 19.20 €*
Preis Discus Minerals
for the care of gills and intestines
from 14.55 €*
PREIS Carely
Revolutionary, easy, natural
from 2.80 €*
Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium
Health & Colour Booster
from 2.95 €*
Easy-Life Catappa-X

makes tap water fish friendly
14.60 €*
Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 2x500 ml
makes tap water fish friendly
from 3.35 €*
Tetra AquaSafe
liquid filter media with cleansing bacteria
from 2.70 €*
Sera bio nitrivec
to re-mineralize reverse osmosis water
from 8.75 €*
hw ReMineral

complete and highly concentrated conditioner
from 8.75 €*
Seachem Prime
powerful conditioner for fresh and marine water
from 2.95 €*
Easy-Life AquaMaker
trace elements for fresh water
from 7.40 €*
hw Tracevit
Multi-vitamin-complex for fish
from 7.70 €*
hw Multivit

Synthetic sea salt, nitrate and phosphate free
from 10.25 €*
Aquarium System Instant Ocean
water conditioner with mineral substances
from 3.30 €*
Sera aquatan
with natural peat extracts
from 3.50 €*
Sera blackwater aquatan
energizer for the fresh- and the seawater fish
from 9.25 €*
PREIS Fish-V-Power

creates natural black water
from 3.55 €*
Tetra ToruMin
Promotes vitality of the fish
from 3.55 €*
Tetra Vital
Enables the ideal calcium addition
from 11.10 €*
Tropic Marin Bio-Calcium
sea salt without sodium chloride
from 16.55 €*
PREIS Mineral Salt

natural premium sea salt
from 8.45 €*
Red Sea Salt
specially for use with osmosis water
from 26.95 €*
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt
synthetic sea salt for reef aquaria
from 12.65 €*
Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals
for raising the pH level and calcium supply
16.10 €*
Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Kalk 800 g

extremely rapid phosphate remover
from 16.10 €*
Tropic Marin Elimi-Phos rapid
Tropical almond leaves
8.65 €*
Dennerle Catappa Leaves
tropical almond tree bark
7.20 €*
Dennerle Catappa Bark
alder cones for tropical aquarium water
5.35 €*
Dennerle Black Cones

multi.mineral salt for osmosis water
from 12.65 €*
Dennerle Osmose ReMineral+
water conditioner with Moringa extract
from 6.15 €*
Dennerle Aqua Elixier
tropical humic substances and fulvic acids
from 6.15 €*
Dennerle Humin Elixier
protection an vitality for your fish
from 6.15 €*
Dennerle Vital Elixier

lquid water hardener
7.40 €*
Dennerle KH+ Elixier
liquid filter medium
from 8.75 €*
Dennerle Clear Water Elixier
Pollutant and sludge degrader, filtering bacteria
from 8.75 €*
Dennerle Bacto Elixier FB7
Two-Compnent Bio-Activator
10.99 €*
Dennerle Aquarium Starter Rapid

water & plant care with 12 active components
from 8.30 €*
Dennerle All in One! Elixier
Sea salt for reef aquaria
from 15.95 €*
Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Sea salt
Mineral Salts for East African cichlids
11.30 €*
JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganyika
minerals for soft and osmosis water
11.30 €*
JBL Aquadur

Complete Eco-System in a Bottle
from 10.45 €*
Microbe-Lift Special Blend
Complete Eco-System in a Bottle
from 12.20 €*
Microbe-Lift TheraP
biologically degrades bottom organic
from 10.45 €*
Microbe-Lift Substrate Cleaner
decreases Ammonia & Nitrite Toxicity
from 10.45 €*
Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II

for increasing of water hardness
from 5.15 €*
Sera mineral salt
increases simultenously GH and KH
from 7.10 €*
sera GH/KH-plus
ultra concentrated calcium and carbonate hardness
from 12.65 €*
Tropic Marin Carbocalcium
highly concentrated calcium and alkalinity
from 15.50 €*
Tropic Marin Carbocalcium Powder

overall mineral supply for reef aquariums
from 9.70 €*
Tropic Marin All for Reef
combination of probiotic and nitrifying bacteria
from 7.50 €*
Tropic Marin Nitribiotic
supply of calcium using the Balling method
33.95 €*
Tropic Marin Original Balling Components Set A/B/C
supply of calcium using the Balling method
from 9.70 €*
Tropic Marin Original Balling Components Part A

supply of calcium using the Balling method
from 9.70 €*
Tropic Marin Original Balling Components Part B
supply of calcium using the Balling method
from 16.55 €*
Tropic Marin Original Balling Components Part C
Overall mineral supply for reef aquariums
from 26.95 €*
Tropic Marin All-For-Reef Powder
creating optimum water conditions in sea water
from 12.35 €*
Tropic Marin Pro-Tect

reliably increases pH and CH
from 4.95 €*
JBL pH-Plus (Aquakal)
removes immediately ammonia, nitrite, chloride
from 4.95 €*
JBL Detoxol
bacteria-starter concentrate, water detoxifier
from 9.25 €*
JBL Denitrol
for crystal-clear aquarium water
from 5.15 €*
JBL Clearol

Water cleaner the natural way
from 3.80 €*
JBL Clynol
Water conditioner with Aloe vera
from 3.95 €*
JBL Biotopol
Water conditioner with Aloe vera
8.75 €*
JBL Biotopol Refill Pack
creates tropical water environment
from 4.95 €*
JBL Tropol

from 4.95 €*
JBL pH-Minus
reduces stress
from 5.15 €*
JBL Acclimol
Water conditioner for crustacea and shrimps
3.80 €*
JBL Biotopol C
removes quickly phosphate from the water
from 4.95 €*
JBL PhosEx rapid

first class tropical almond leaves
8.95 €*
JBL CatappaXL
sea salt for modern reef aquaria
from 14.30 €*
Aqua Medic Reef Salt
modern synthetic sea salt
45.95 €*
Aqua Medic Sea Salt
specail sea salt for modern reef aquariums
60.95 €*
Aqua Medic Reef Salt coral