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active ground with 2-3 mm grain size
from 13.95 €*
Tropica Aquarium Soil
active ground with 1-2 mm grain size
from 15.99 €*
Tropica Aquarium Soil Powder
professional nutrient medium for plants
from 12.10 €*
Dennerle DeponitMix Professional 9in1
long-term plant fertilizer
from 0.95 €*
Thermoplat - Plant Fertilizer disk

contains the full range of vital nutrients as well as iron
from 9.55 €*
JBL AquaBasis plus
black long-term mineral substrate
from 16.55 €*
Dennerle Deponit-Mix Black 10in1
plant substrate with long term nutrition store
from 4.75 €*
Tropica Plant Substrate
Bodengrund mit Nährstoffen
from 13.60 €*
JBL ProScape PlantSoil Brown

Bodengrund für Garnelenaquarien
from 15.55 €*
JBL ProScape ShrimpsSoil Brown
highly porous volcanic rock
from 9.35 €*
JBL ProScape Volcano Mineral
substrate for shrimp and plant aquariums
from 8.55 €*
Fluval STRATUM Aquarium Substrate
Ready-made ground material
from 8.55 €*
TetraPlant Complete Substrate

natural aquarium ground
from 5.75 €*
Tetra ActiveSubstrate
indispensable for aquarium and garden ponds
from 3.95 €*
ZooBest Special Aqua-Ground
unique clay-based lime-free gravel
from 3.95 €*
Hobby Aqualit
nutrition medium for aquariums
from 7.75 €*
Dennerle NutriBasis 6in1

Long-term gravel substrate with growth promoter
from 8.30 €*
Sera floredepot
from 14.95 €*
JBL ProFlora Aqua Basis Start Set
special nutrient medium for mini-aquaria
7.10 €*
Dennerle Nano DeponitMix 1000 g
active bottom granulate for aquariums
17.35 €*
sera Professional floreground

nutritious substrate, made in Japan
22.40 €*
Aqua Medic aquapHloor
Bodengrund für Garnelenaquarien
from 15.45 €*
JBL ProScape ShrimpsSoil Beige
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