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Aquaristic and environment belongs inseparably together. Aquarists therefore stand up for environmental protection and species preservation out of conviction. Due to the increased emissions of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, in the past decades, it is now time to make efforts for more sustainability and environmental protection.

Our company would like to make a contribution to this. That is why we have joined the global initiative "CO2 neutral website", which awards with the certificate "climate neutral website". When visitors and customers use the internet, CO2 is also emitted because of the electricity consumption that goes along with it. We compensate this CO2 emission with a contribution based on the average number of visitors to the online store. Together with more than 2,500 other companies worldwide, we contribute in this way to climate protection projects, such as initiatives to save the rainforest and the construction of plants for the generation of renewable energies, and thus compensate for the CO2 emissions that customers cause when they visit our website.

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