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LED Lighting > JUWEL Aquarium
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underwater camera for smartphone & tablet
155.95 €*
Juwel Smart Cam -underwater camera-
universal bracket for the HeliaLux LED
14.59 €*
Juwel HeliaLux LED UniversalFit
from 169.95 €*
Juwel HeliaLux Spectrum -full spectrum LED Lighting Unit-
2 HeliaLux connected to one controller
from 27.95 €*
Juwel HeliaLux Splitter

129.95 €*
Juwel HeliaLux Smart Control -LED Controller-
control unit for NovoLux LED
33.95 €*
Juwel NovoLux Day Control
daylight LED with 9000 K
from 14.95 €*
Juwel LED Day
warm, natural light, 6500 K
from 14.95 €*
Juwel LED Nature

colour enhancing LED, 4425 K
from 21.95 €*
Juwel LED Colour
bright white light, 14,000 K
from 21.95 €*
Juwel LED Marine
actinic blue light
from 21.95 €*
Juwel LED Blue
recplacement power supply for Juwel LED
from 17.95 €*
Juwel LED Power Supply

additional lighting with power supply
31.95 €*
Juwel NovoLux LED 60 white
additional lighting with power supply
34.95 €*
Juwel NovoLux LED 80 white
for mounting the NovoLux LED
2.95 €*
Juwel NovoLux LED Clips

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