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for JBL CO2 sets u-system and easy
from 21.55 €*
JBL ProFlora u500 CO2 Cylinder
Refill set for 40 days CO2
6.90 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Refill Bio
with refillable CO2 cylinder for aquariums 20-400 l
176.90 €*
JBL ProFlora m501 CO2 Complete System
with refillable CO2 cylinder and night switch-off for 20-400 l
237.90 €*
JBL ProFlora m502 CO2 Complete System

with refillable CO2 cylinder and pH Computer for 20-400 l
399.90 €*
JBL ProFlora m503 CO2 Complete System
replacement temperature probe
29.68 €*
JBL Temperature Probe pH Control Touch
high performance direct diffuser for CO2
from 25.59 €*
JBL ProFlora direct CO2 Inline Diffuser
membrane for the CO2 Inline diffuser
10.80 €*
JBL ProFlora Taifun Inline Membrane

Bio CO2 system for aquariums from 10-40 l
8.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Starter Bio Set
Bio CO2 system for aquariums from 40-80 l
26.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Basic Bio Set
Bio CO2 system for aquariums from 40-110 l
37.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Bio Set
CO2 Disposable system in 3 expansion stages
from 109.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Basic Set

with extended functionality, 3 versions
from 195.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set
profi CO2 system with pH control
from 389.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Professional Set
pressure regulator for disposable and refillable cylinders
52.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Basic -Pressure Reducer-
pressure regulator with gauges for CO2 cylinders
109.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Advanced -Pressure Reducer-

pressure regulator with gauges and solenoid valve
159.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Professional -Pressure Reducer-
silent solenoid valve for regulated CO2 addition
87.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Valve -Solenoid Valve-
laboratory-quality pH electrode with BNC connector
78.95 €*
JBL ProFlora pH Sensor Set
Complete set to for pH electrodes
13.95 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Calibration Set

automatic CO2 addition and pH regulation
209.95 €*
JBL Pro Flora CO2 Control -CO2/pH Computer-
reliably controls the supply of CO2
82.95 €*
JBL ProFlora v002 Solenoid valve 12 V

high power diffusion system for CO2
22.95 €*
JBL ProFlora Taifun Spiral 10 CO2 Reactor
extension for the JBL Taifun/Vario CO2 reactor
10.69 €*
JBL ProFlora Taifun extend
suitable for Vario and Taifun
3.95 €*
JBL Suction cup + holder for CO2 reactor

filled, 500 g, with cage, refillable
62.95 €*
JBL ProFlora m500 SILVER CO2 Cylinder
filled, 2000 g, with cage, refillable
155.95 €*
JBL ProFlora m2000 SILVER CO2 Cylinder
high-capacity ceramic diffusor for CO2
12.59 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Diffusor Taifun Glass Midi
CO2 reactor for smaller aquaria
12.59 €*
JBL ProFlora Taifun S

CO2 bubble counter with Stop
9.45 €*
JBL ProFlora Count safe
simple CO2 system for aquaria up to 80 l
9.50 €*
JBL ProFlora Bio 80 eco
Bio-CO2 system for aquaria up to 80 l
23.90 €*
JBL ProFlora Bio 80
Bio-CO2 system for aquaria up to 160 l
28.45 €*
JBL ProFlora Bio 160

convert CO2 disposable to refillable system
13.95 €*
JBL ProFlora Adapt u-m
Anti-rust flowback-stop
4.95 €*
JBL ProFlora Safe Stop
high-quality CO2 hose, 3 m
from 4.95 €*
JBL ProFlora TopStop T3
adaptor for 95g cartridge to dissposable cylinder
13.29 €*
JBL ProFlora Adapt u201-u500

connects JBL cylinder with Dennerle CO2 system
12.95 €*
JBL ProFlora Adapt u- disposal for Dennerle
sealing ring for ProFlora -u/m-
from 1.89 €*
JBL O Ring for Pressure Reducer
sturdy gel electrode with calibration kit
76.95 €*
JBL ProFlora pH-Sensor + Cal
available soon

with disposable CO2 cylinder for aquariums 20-400 l
129.90 €*
JBL ProFlora u501 CO2 Complete System
available soon
CO2 system for beginners, 20-400 l aquariums
105.95 €*
JBL ProFlora u504 CO2 Complete System
available soon
automatically regulates pH value and supply of CO2
199.90 €*
JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch
available soon

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