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New aquarium supplies


automatic feeder with App control
95.85 €*
Reef Factory Smart feeder
complete care for fighting fish
22.85 €*
Dennerle All for Betta
permanent elastique hose, different sizes
from 7.85 €*
EHEIM Aquarium Hose green 3 m
fine white aquarium gravel
from 14.59 €*
Aqua Medic Bali Sand 3,0 - 4,0 mm

high-capacity ceramic diffusor for CO2
from 9.85 €*
JBL ProFlora CO2 Diffusor Taifun Glass
fine dark substrate for marine water
from 9.85 €*
PREIS Dark Caribic Sand
black water preparation with catappa
from 2.95 €*
Tropical Ketapang Extract
blackwater conditioner
2.95 €*
Tropical Blacklarin

black peat extract
from 2.95 €*
Tropical Torfin Complex
Oak bark extract
from 2.95 €*
Tropical Querex
salt for black water aquaria
from 2.59 €*
Tropical Sanital plus Ketapang
aquarium salt with aloe vera
from 2.59 €*
Tropical Sanital Aloe Vera

catappa leaves granules in sachets
10.85 €*
Tropical Ketapang -Catappa granules-
pond filter complete set with flow-through filter
from 179.95 €*
EHEIM Pond Filter LOOPpro
cooling unit for fresh and sea water aquariums
from 669.00 €*
Aqua Medic Cooling Unit Titan
compact UV clarifier with time switch
65.85 €*
Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier

LED upgrade set wih Bluetooth, without Cover
from 93.85 €*
Fluval LED Lighting Vicenza & Venezia
smart automatic water refiller
157.85 €*
Reef Factory Level keeper
energy efficient titanium heater
from 59.85 €*
SCHEGO PTC Titanium Heater
Hang-on external filter with accessories 30-120 l
from 73.85 €*
Dennerle Scapers Flow Hang-On Filter

neutralizes silicates
from 6.85 €*
Easy-Life Bio-Exit Silicate
nutritions capsules for aquarium plants
from 6.39 €*
Tropica Nutrition Capsules
Temperature control for heating & cooling
178.85 €*
Reef Factory Thermo control
pH monitor with Wi-Fi function
248.85 €*
Reef Factory pH meter

RO water purity monitor
109.85 €*
Reef Factory TDS meter Plus
powerful skimmer up to 900 l
409.95 €*
Aqua Medic Protein Skimmer Ocean Queen 90
powerful skimmer up to 1600 l
509.95 €*
Aqua Medic Protein Skimmer Ocean Queen 160
powerful skimmer up to 3000 l
588.95 €*
Aqua Medic Protein Skimmer  Ocean Queen 300

protection anc care for fighting fish
11.85 €*
Dennerle Betta Care
water conditioner for fighting fish tanks
10.49 €*
Dennerle Betta Water
multi-ingredient flakes with 45% insects
from 2.49 €*
Tropical Insect Menu Flakes
multi-ingredient granules with 45% insects
from 4.29 €*
Tropical Insect Menu Granules Size S

multi-ingredient micro-granules with 45% insects
from 4.95 €*
Tropical Insect Menu Granules Size XXS
high power diffusion system for CO2
22.85 €*
JBL ProFlora Taifun Spiral 10 CO2 Reactor
3 channel dosing pump with app control
128.95 €*
Aqua Medic reefdoser EVO 3 -Dosing Pump-
Pellets for larger turtles
5.69 €*
Fluval Bug Bites Turtle Granules M-L

tasty morsels for all saltwater fish
from 6.39 €*
sera marine GVG-Mix Nature
Tubifex as a treat for all ornamental fish
from 4.29 €*
JBL ProNovo Fex
Red blood worms as treats for all fish
from 6.85 €*
JBL ProNovo Fil
liquid rearing food for young aquarium fish
5.85 €*
JBL ProNovo Bel Fluid

Rearing food set for juveniles of viviparous fish
6.29 €*
JBL ProNovo Bel Flakes Baby
powdered food for juvenile fish in the aquarium
6.29 €*
JBL ProNovo Bel Grano Baby
slim thermometer with only 6 mm diameter
4.79 €*
JBL Aquarium Thermometer Slim
Absorbs toxic and colouring substances
from 4.95 €*
Sera Super Carbon

against external infections by fungi, bacteria, parasites
6.85 €*
sera Phyto med Catappa
ultra flat LED lamp, 6 LED coloures
from 369.95 €*
Aqua Medic LED Lamp aquarius plus plant
extra slim thermometer
1.49 €*
Europet LCD Thermometer nano
for aquariums between 38 - 115 l
45.95 €*
Fluval C2 - 5-Stage clip-on power filter

for aquariums from 75 to 190 l
55.95 €*
Fluval C3 - 5-Stage clip-on power filter
for aquariums from 150 to 265 l
69.95 €*
Fluval C4 - 5-Stage clip-on power filter
cleaning bath for corals with iodine
15.95 €*
Tropic Marin Coral Clean
nutritious substrate, made in Japan
24.95 €*
Aqua Medic aquapHloor

ultra flat LED lamp, 6 LED coloures
from 249.95 €*
Aqua Medic LED Lamp aquarius plus
smart power switch socket
29.95 €*
Reef Factory Power switcher
available soon

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