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New aquarium supplies


Cooling fan for aquariums from 60-200 l
37.95 €*
JBL ProTemp Cooler x200 Fan Cooler
Cooling fan for aquariums from 90-300 l
46.95 €*
JBL ProTemp Cooler x300 Fan Cooler
fights all species of algae
from 6.79 €*
Hobby Algenkiller
renews older, used plant substrate
5.29 €*
Tetra ActiveGround Sticks

internal power filter for 50-120 l
20.50 €*
Tetra FilterJet 400
modular internal corner filter up to 160 l
33.29 €*
EHEIM Internal Filter aqua 160
for omnivorous and herbivorous cichlids
from 12.95 €*
Tetra Cichlid Algae Mini
Pure, environmentally friendly substrate
from 12.50 €*
Aqua Medic Tonga Pearls

complete diet for shrimps and crayfish
4.99 €*
Tetra Crusta Sticks
very quiet external filter for aquaria up to 330 l
124.99 €*
Fluval 307 External Aquarium Filter
intelligent filling level control
139.00 €*
EHEIM waterrefill -water refill system-
powerful conditioner for fresh and marine water
from 5.49 €*
Easy-Life AquaMaker

filter pad for phosphate removal
8.99 €*
Fluval Phosphate Remover for FX
pure quartz sand for aquariums
11.59 €*
Hagen Aquarium Sand
pellet food for small ornamental fish
4.29 €*
Tetra Micro Pellets
stick food for small ornamental fish
4.29 €*
Tetra Micro Sticks

4 micro foods in one can
4.89 €*
Tetra Micro Menu
vacation food for all ornamental fish
4.95 €*
Tetra Holiday Menu
adjustable skimmer for aquariums up to 600 l
345.00 €*
EHEIM skimmarine 600