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Water Tests

6 important water values in 1 minute
15.19 €*
JBL EasyTest 6 in 1
5 tests of the most important water equivalents
from 37.95 €*
JBL Test Combi-Set Plus
Water test by smartphone
from 17.95 €*
JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis
water test lab for plant aquariums
87.95 €*
JBL Testlab ProScape

aquaristik labor in the comfortable suit-case
89.95 €*
JBL Testlab
professional testlab for sea water aquaria
89.95 €*
JBL Testlab Marin
50 Test strips
9.98 €*
eSHa Aqua-Quick-Test
for the measuring of the CO2 content
from 11.95 €*
JBL Test Kit CO2 Direct

measuring of the potassium content
from 18.99 €*
JBL Test Kit K -Potassium-
measuring of the Magnesium content
from 18.10 €*
JBL Test Kit Mg -Magnesium Freshwater-
for fresh and sea water
from 7.99 €*
JBL Test Set pH 3.0-10.0
from 9.49 €*
JBL Test Set pH 6.0-7.6

for fresh and sea water
from 10.90 €*
JBL Test Set pH 7.4-9.0
well-designed CO2 permanent test
from 14.79 €*
JBL Permanent Test CO2 plus pH
from 8.15 €*
JBL Test Set GH -total hardness-
from 7.99 €*
JBL Test Set KH -carbonate hardness-

from 13.29 €*
JBL Test Set Ca -calcium-
for fresh and sea water
from 14.24 €*
JBL Test-Set NH4 -ammonium-
for fresh and sea water
from 11.95 €*
JBL Test Set NO² -nitrite-
for fresh and sea water
from 17.85 €*
JBL Test Set NO³ -nitrate-

for fresh and sea water
from 15.95 €*
JBL Test Set Fe -iron-
for fresh and sea water
from 14.99 €*
JBL Test Set Cu -copper-
Magnesium/Calcium test for marine water
from 23.69 €*
JBL Test Set Mg/Ca -magnesium/calcium-
for fresh and sea water
from 13.29 €*
JBL Test Set O² -oxygen-

from 13.49 €*
JBL Test Set O2 New Formual -Oxygen-
Phosphate test for fresh- and salt water
from 14.19 €*
JBL Test Set PO4 sensitive -phosphate-
Silicate test for fresh- and saltwater
from 16.69 €*
JBL Test Set SiO² -silicate-
exact control of the CO2 content
16.95 €*
Dennerle CO2 Long-Term Test Correct + pH

refill pack for Dennerle CO2 tests
7.95 €*
Dennerle CO2 Special-Indicator + pH
50 water test strips, 6 values
12.95 €*
Aquarium Münster aquavital Multitest 6 in 1
pH/KH fast test for ponds
9.49 €*
JBL PondCheck Pond Water Test
test kit for Koi proffesionals
83.95 €*
JBL Testlab Koi

pH 7.4 to 8.6 for Seawater
5.99 €*
Salifert Profi Test pH
for freshwater and seawater
6.79 €*
Salifert Profi Test KH/Alkalinity
for freshwater and seawater
6.59 €*
Salifert Profi Test NO² -Nitrite-
for freshwater and seawater
8.59 €*
Salifert Profi Test NO³ -Nitrate-

for freshwater and seawater
9.69 €*
Salifert Profi Test PO4 -Phosphate-
for freshwater and seawater
8.19 €*
Salifert Profi Test O² -Oxygen-
for freshwater and seawater
7.69 €*
Salifert Profi Test NH4 -Ammonia-
for use in seawater aquaria only
10.79 €*
Salifert Magnesium Test

for use in seawater aquaria only
16.49 €*
Salifert Profi Test I² -Iodine-
for freshwater and seawater
9.39 €*
Salifert Profi Test Cu -Copper-
for use in seawater aquaria only
10.29 €*
Salifert Profi Test Ca -Calcium-
for use in seawater aquaria only
18.29 €*
Salifert Profi Test Sr -Strontium-

for freshwater and seawater
8.90 €*
Salifert Profi Test Si -Silicate-
for use in seawater aquaria only
10.39 €*
Salifert Profi Test B -Boron-
for fresh and marine water
11.49 €*
Salifert Profi-Test Org -Organics-
exact water values in seconds
10.95 €*
Easy-Life 6in1 Test Strips

very accurate potassium test
12.90 €*
Easy-Life Water Test Potassium K
phosphate test for fresh and marine water
11.50 €*
Easy-Life Water Test Phosphate PO4
complete for all JBL water tests
3.89 €*
JBL Colour charts for water tests
for 25 measurings of 6 values
11.79 €*
Tetra Test 6 in 1 Test strips

exact determination of the pH value
5.89 €*
Tetra Test pH
exact determination of the KH value
5.35 €*
Tetra Test KH -carbonate hardness-
exact determination of the GH value
5.19 €*
Tetra Test GH -total hardness-
exact determination of the nitrite content
7.79 €*
Tetra Test NO2 -Nitrite-

exact determination of the nitrate content
10.30 €*
Tetra Test NO3 -Nitrate-
exact determination of the ammonia content
9.95 €*
Tetra Test NH3/NH4 -Ammonia-
exact determination of the CO²-Content
9.19 €*
Tetra Test CO2 -Carbon dioxide-
exact determination of the iron content
13.55 €*
Tetra Test Fe -Iron-

exact determination of the oxygen content
10.35 €*
Tetra Test O² -Oxygen-
very precise phosphate test
12.59 €*
Tetra Test PO4 -Phosphate-
fast testing of Ammonia
15.29 €*
Tetra TestStrips Ammonia
tests: pH, KH, NO², NO³, NH³, PO4, Ca, Cu
69.99 €*
Sera aqua test-box Marin

complete test kit for freshwater
from 69.90 €*
Sera aqua-test box
tests: pH, GH, KH, NO²
27.29 €*
Sera aqua-test set
10.29 €*
Sera Test NH4/NH3 Ammonium/Ammonia
for approx. 60 tests
7.85 €*
Sera Test NO² Nitrit

for approx. 60 tests
9.39 €*
Sera test NO³ nitrate
for permanent control of the CO²-content
10.25 €*
Sera CO2 permanent test
for approx. 7500 mg Calcium
9.69 €*
Sera Test Ca Calzium
for approx. 50 tests
9.89 €*
Sera Test Cu Kupfer