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JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis

JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis

JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis

Water test by smartphone
 ProScan 18.95 EUR 
 Recharge 15.95 EUR 

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  • JBL ProScan is a multi water test with diagnosis of the water values with your Smartphone. The result is evaluated and, where necessary, instructions are displayed to show how to optimize the water values. The appropriate smartphone app is available free of charge.

    JBL ProScan
    + photometric analysis and diagnoses of the water values with an smartphone
    + 24 Water Analysis Stripes
    + for pH, GH, KH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Chlorine
    + calculating of the CO2 content
    + for frehswater, garden pond water, tap water
    + Analysis stripes are available as JBL ProScan Recharge

    This is how it works:
    Download the JBL ProScan App, free of charge, onto your smartphone (Apple iOS and Android). Start the app and enjoy the fast read out, precise analysis and innovative technology. There’s never been anything like it for the analysis of water values. Using the especially calibrated JBL ProScan Color Card enclosed, please follow the instructions in the app. You can choose between the following analysis modules: “Aquarium Freshwater”, “Garden Pond” and “Water”. When you select “Aquarium Freshwater” and “Water”, the app calculates the current CO2 content in the water, resulting from the measured pH and KH values, as an additional bonus. Depending on the analysis result of „Aquarium Freshwater“ and „Garden Pond“, you will receive individual- 6 ized recommendations about which JBL products will help you to set the ideal/optimal water values. With “Water” you will get a simple summary of the results without an evaluation of your water sample.

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  • Reviews for JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis:
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    at 12.08.2015:
    very needful!!

    at 21.01.2016:
    I like the idea and have used the product a few weeks. It fails to measure in about half of the cases though. The light condition seems to matter but even in full day light I have some problems.

    The big issue is that it fails to measure NO3. In every case it shows 0. However, I use a KNO3 solution and the value can't be 0, so I got a specific NO3 test which gives me a value between 10-20 from the same water.

    at 16.03.2016:
    Always shows errors. Not worth of money!! Better invest in others!!

    at 01.12.2016:
    Ich komme sehr gut damit zurecht, auch wenn die Umstellung vom Tröpchentest etwas dauert. In jedem Fall geht es schnell.

    at 27.12.2016:
    Effective test that replaces drops. In a few seconds you have the exact parameters of your aquarium. Very reliable and fast

    at 19.04.2017:
    again a fantastic product from JBL - makes basic calibration easy. App helps in additional feedback with remedial measures.