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daylight LED, 6500 K
from 47.95 €*
EHEIM classic LED daylight
Freshwater LED 8350 K
from 57.95 €*
EHEIM classic LED plants
safety power supply 24 V
from 23.95 €*
EHEIM Power Supply for powerLED+
Freshwater LED with 6750 K
from 109.90 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ fresh daylight

powerLED plants for optimal plant growth
from 119.95 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ fresh plants
white/blue LED for marine water aquaria
from 129.90 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ marine hybrid
actinic blue LED for marine water
from 129.90 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ marine actinic
control unit for the EHEIM PowerLED+
75.95 €*
EHEIM LED Control für PowerLED+

wireless controller for EHEIM powerLED+
145.95 €*
EHEIM LED control+ Wireless LED Controller
dimming controller for EHEIM powerLED
43.90 €*
EHEIM Dimmer Day & Night for powerLED 12V
dimming controller for EHEIM classic LED
47.90 €*
EHEIM Dimmer Day & Night for classic LED
19.90 €*
Power Supply 20 Watt for EHEIM Power LED

54.90 €*
Power Supply 100 Watt for EHEIM Power LED
for connecting 2 LED to one power supply
14.95 €*
EHEIM Y Cable for PowerLED+
EHEIM PowerLED+ as hanging lamp
35.95 €*
EHEIM Wire Suspension PowerLED+
adaptor for EHEIM PowerLED+
8.95 €*
EHEIM Adapter Kit T5/T8 for Power LED

EHEIM Power LED as hanging lamp
39.95 €*
EHEIM Double Wire suspension for Power LED
mounts the EHEIM powerLED on the glass frame
12.39 €*
EHEIM Clamp Holder for EHEIM powerLED
for mounting the classic LED in T5/T8
8.95 €*
EHEIM Adapter Set T5/T8 for classic LED

Freshwater LED with 9750 K
from 159.95 €*
EHEIM powerLED+ fresh plants LK2
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