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light unit with LED bulbs
from 99.95 €*
Juwel MultiLux LED Light Unit
from 175.90 €*
EHEIM variluxLED VA80 Aquarium Cover 80x35
from 199.90 €*
EHEIM variluxLED VA100 Aquarium Cover 100x40
from 219.90 €*
EHEIM variluxLED VA100 Aquarium Cover 120x40

for Juwel aquarium covers
from 24.50 €*
Juwel Flap Set
cover for tank: 60x30 cm
from 49.99 €*
Juwel PrimoLux 60
cover for tank: 80x35 cm
85.99 €*
Juwel PrimoLux 80
cover for tank: 100x40 cm
115.00 €*
Juwel PrimoLux 100

for waterproof lamps
from 3.59 €*
Juwel End Caps

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