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Garden Pond

basic water care for garden ponds
from 12.85 €*
JBL StabiloPond Basis
pH and KH stabiliser for garden ponds
from 13.85 €*
JBL StabiloPond KH
powerful garden pond aerator
from 63.85 €*
EHEIM Pond Aerator AIR
against parasitic crustaceans...
42.95 €*
Sera Argulol 100 ml

bio-algae blocker for the pond
from 13.39 €*
JBL AlgoPond Sorb
against all alage in the garden pond
from 10.49 €*
JBL AlgoPond Forte
UV Steriliser for aquaria up to 2000 l
269.95 €*
hw UV - Steriliser 2000 36 watts
UV Steriliser for aquaria up to 4000 l
349.95 €*
hw UV - Steriliser 4000 75 watts

staple food for all pond fish
from 2.95 €*
Tetra Pond Sticks
mixture from flakes, sticks, wafers and gammarus
from 5.29 €*
Tetra Pond Multi Mix
floating food sticks to enhance the natural colouring
from 3.99 €*
Tetra Pond Colour Sticks
high-quality staple food in floating stick form for Koi
from 4.49 €*
Tetra Pond Koi Sticks

pH/KH fast test for ponds
9.95 €*
JBL ProAquaTest PondCheck pH/KH
test kit for Koi proffesionals
88.95 €*
JBL ProAquaTest Lab Koi
Prevents algae problems
from 18.95 €*
JBL PhosEx Pond Filter
algae prevention in garden ponds
from 14.95 €*
JBL PhosEx Pond Direct

Effectively breaks down pond mud
from 8.79 €*
JBL SediEx Pond
biological garden pond cleaner
from 12.59 €*
JBL BactoPond
eliminates water discolouration
from 12.59 €*
JBL CleroPond
effective removal of floating algae
from 14.95 €*
JBL AlgoPond Green

phosphate test for Koi ponds
13.95 €*
JBL ProAquaTest PO4 Phosphat Koi
bacteria starter for garden ponds
12.59 €*
JBL FilterStart Pond
prevent for complete freezing
from 69.95 €*
Schego Pond Heater

controls the pond temperature
from 69.95 €*
Schego Frost Monitor
UV-C replacement Bulb for EHEIM pond water clarifier
from 21.85 €*
compact pump for a variety of possible uses
from 59.95 €*
EHEIM Water Feature Pump PLAY
pond pump for filters & streams
from 169.95 €*

pond through-flow filter with pump and UV-C
from 165.95 €*
EHEIM Pond Filter Complete Set LOOP
variable pond internal filter
135.95 €*
EHEIM Pond Filter MODUL 4000
Pond pressure filter complete with pump
from 195.95 €*
EHEIM Pond Pressure Filter PRESS
pond filter complete set with flow-through filter
from 179.85 €*
EHEIM Pond Filter LOOPpro

UVC clarifier for garden pond
from 59.95 €*
EHEIM UV-C Pond Water Clarifier CLEAR UVC

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