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JBL FilterStart Pond

JBL FilterStart Pond

JBL FilterStart Pond

bacteria starter for garden ponds
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 250 g 12.15 EUR (4.86 €/100 g) 

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  • Using JBL Filterstart Pond the pond filter is immediately biologically activated. Selected natural microorganisms promote the breakdown of the pollutants, ammonium, ammonia and nitrite. Denitrifying bacteria reduce the nitrate content of the pond water, creating a healthy water climate.

    JBL FilterStart Pond -Fast, guaranteed activation of the pond filter
    + for starting up filters in spring, cleaning filters and after treatment with medication
    + reduces biological running in time to just a few days
    + prolongs service life of pond filter
    + promotes breakdown of the pollutants, ammonium, ammonia and nitrite

    Use of JBL FilterStart Pond:
    Dampen filter material and pour the complete contents of the pack directly over the filter mass. With the filter switched off, allow to soak in for 2 hours. There is no risk of giving an overdose. Any slight discolouration of the pond water is harmless and improves the biology of the garden pond.

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