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JBL AlgoPond Sorb

JBL AlgoPond Sorb

JBL AlgoPond Sorb

bio-algae blocker for the pond
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 500 ml 13.10 EUR (26.20 €/L) 
 2500 ml 44.60 EUR (17.84 €/L) 

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  • JBL AlgoPond Sorb: Natural colour extracts found in peat produce a light amber discolouration of the water, acting like sunglasses to eliminate a specific spectral range of light. This blocks some of the light rays vital for algae to grow, slowing down growth. The pH level and carbonate hardness remain unchanged.

    JBL AlgoPond Sorb -bio-algae blocker for the pond
    + reduces algae growing using sunglasses effect
    + blocks some of the light rays vital for algae to grow
    + effectiveness indicated by light amber discolouring of water
    + does not reduce pH or hardness levels

    Dosage JBL AlgoPond Sorb
    40 ml per 700-800 l pond water. Every 4 weeks from early spring: In a watering can, mix the required amount with pond water and carefully spread over the pond. Do not filter through active carbon.

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