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JBL AlgoPond Green

JBL AlgoPond Green

JBL AlgoPond Green

effective removal of floating algae
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 5000 ml 69.30 EUR (13.86 €/L) 

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  • JBL AlgoPond Green removes floating algae, the cause of green water, by a targeted and effectively acting algicide without disturbing the balance in the garden pond. The algae that are killed and the algicide are decomposed by the bacteria living in the pond. Water turbidity may occur during the process. That is wy we reccomend clearing the water by the use of JBL CleroPond no earlier than 5 days after adding the anti-algae agent.

    JBL AlgoPond Green -against green water
    + effective removal of green water (floating algae)
    + reliably effective within a few days
    + tolerated well by fish, aquatic plants and microorganisms

    Application of JBL AlgoPond Green:
    Should always be applied in the morning. KH al least 4°d and pH max. 8.5. If the values deviate, stabilize the water with JBL StabiloPond KH beforehand. Dosage: 25 ml to 1000 l of pond water. Mix the required amount with pond water in a watering can and distribute evenly in the pond immediately. Make sure not do overdose. Repeat the treatment after 24 h. Do not filter through activated carbon. Turn off UV-C appliances.

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