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JBL FloraPond

JBL FloraPond

JBL FloraPond

for strong healthy pond plants
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  • JBL FloraPond provides all water lilies and marsh plants with the main nutrients, iron and trace elements in a depot form. In a special process, a particularly iron-rich clay has been enriched with the main nutrients and trace elements. JBL FloraPond releases nutrients as required. Any excess nutrients are absorbed by the exchange feature, characteristic of clay. This prevents over-fertilisation of the pond water and the plants are supplied with specific nutrients.

    JBL FloraPond -for strong and healthy pond plants
    + as supplementary long-term supply in established ponds
    + supplies plants with nutrients for approx. 1 year
    + promotes the growth of plants, not algae

    Use of JBL FloraPond:
    Depending on the size of the plants, simply insert 1 – 3 balls per plant and per season into the bed of the pond in the root area of the plants. Content: 8 balls

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