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Technic > Oxydators
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pure oxygen for aquariums up to 800 l
48.85 €*
Schting Oxydator A
for aquaria up to 100 l
22.85 €*
Schting Oxydator D
for aquaria up to 60 l
8.99 €*
Schting Oxydator Mini
for large aquaria or garden ponds up to 4000 l
67.49 €*
Schting Oxydator W

for Oxydator Mini + Dosator
1.79 €*
Schting Mini Oxydator solution
for the safe operation of the oxydators
from 6.79 €*
Schting Oxydator Solution
for garden ponds up to 25,000 l
214.90 €*
Schting Oxydator W Maxi

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