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Söchting Oxydator A

Söchting Oxydator A

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  • Using a patented method, Söchting Oxydators produce normal and activated oxygen in the aquarium by means of Oxydator solution and special ceramic catalysts. The activated oxygen decomposes particularly putrid matters and toxicants and, thus essentially improves the well-being of fish and plants. Pure oxygen created by the Söchting Oxydator is mostly immediately dissolved in the water, so that there are hardly any bubbles produced. The oxygen supply is absolutely noiseless, expelling of CO² and swirling of ground elements is avoided.

    The Söchting Oxydator A is suitable for aquaria up to 400 l. The Oxydator solution is not included.

    technical data Söchting Oxydator A:
    - diameter: 9 cm, height: 18 cm
    - filling for aquaria up to 200 l: 0,25 l Oxydator solution 6% and 1 catalyst
    - filling for aquaria up to 400 l: 0,25 l Oxydator solution 6% and 2 catalysts
    - filling for aquaria larger than 500 l: 0,25 l Oxydator solution 6% and 3 catalysts or 0,25 l Oxydator solution 19,9% and 1 catalyst

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    Söchting Oxydator Solution7.60 * 7.95 €
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    at 29.03.2016:
    Works like a charm for even big tanks. I have mine in a 540 liter and I can see a positive effect on my fish' behaviour. They have become more active after installing this oxydator.
    The oxydator only needs refilling every 2 weeks in this size tank.