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with integrated priming aid
17.95 €*
Nano Gravel Cleaner Dennerle
design tool for mini-aquaria
29.70 €*
Dennerle Nano Aquascaping-Set
gravel celaner for nano aquaria
10.25 €*
JBL Aqua Ex Nano 10-35
featuring 2-zone cleaning
13.95 €*
Dennerle Nano Alginator 2500

mini aquarium thermometer
3.49 €*
Dennerle Nano Therm
Design glass-thermometer
8.95 €*
Dennerle Nano Hang-On Thermometer

8.95 €*
Dennerle Nano Shrimp Net, curved-shaped, large, black
8.49 €*
Dennerle Nano Shrimp Net, round, large, black
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