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Accessories > Spawning tools
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for the rearing of young fish
from 1.95 €*
ZooBest Spawn fiber
multi function spawning box
6.00 €*
JBL BabyHome proAir
universal spawning box +air pump
25.00 €*
JBL BabyHome Oxygen Spawning Box

Spawning cone made from non-breakable plastic
8.43 €*
JBL DisCon
Spwaning cave for freshwater
8.01 €*
JBL Spawning Cave

for keeping apart two viviparous fish
5.29 €*
Hobby fish breeder NIDO I
for keeping apart two viviparous fish
12.49 €*
Hobby fish breeder NIDO II

Dimensions: 16,5x12,5x11,5 cm
3.39 €*
Hobby Fish breeder NIDO III