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against green algae
from 4.99 €*
Easy-Life AlgExit
works against blue-green or slime algae
from 4.99 €*
Easy-Life Blue Exit
Anti Algae Treatment
from 6.99 €*
eSHa Protalon-707
control blue-green and filamentous green algae in fresh water
from 17.90 €*
Aqua Medic antigreen

eliminates red slime algae in seawater
from 11.79 €*
Aqua Medic REEF LIFE antired
mild, biological algae control
from 3.99 €*
Tetra AlguMin
effectively fights algae in freshwater aquariums
from 6.99 €*
JBL Algol
against blue, beard and brush algae
9.59 €*
Redoxin Plus! Aqua-Technic

reliable algae treatment
from 8.49 €*
EHEIM Water Care Algozid
displaces red slime algae
from 6.59 €*
Easy-Life Excital
for long-term destruction of algae
6.29 €*
Tetra AlgoStop Depot
intensive alga-figh with fast effect
4.49 €*
Algizit Tetra 10 Tablettes

fights all species of algae
from 3.99 €*
Hobby Algenkiller
to the prevention and long-time-fight
5.39 €*
Tetra Algetten 12 tablettes