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aquarium filter accelerator
3.79 €*
Juwel bioBoost
decreases Ammonia & Nitrite Toxicity
from 13.55 €*
Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II
bacterial culture for the biological balance
4.95 €*
eSHa Aquabacter
effective, living cleaning bacteria
3.99 €*
Dennerle AquaRico BactoClean Bio

enables faster aquarium start
7.29 €*
Tetra Bactozym 10 Kapseln
living cleansing bacteria for immediate aid
4.42 €*
JBL ProClean Bac
15,000,000 living helpers for the filter
3.79 €*
JBL FilterStart
Optimises the efficiency of the filter
3.79 €*
JBL FilterBoost

Aquarium start-up in only 15 minutes
6.00 €*
JBL StartKit
for optimum maintenance of bacteria culture
6.59 €*
Aquarium Münster aquavital nitrigon 2
cares for the productivity of an effective bacteria culture
4.79 €*
Aquarium Münster aquavital nitrigon 1
living bacteria cultures
12.85 €*
Aqua Medic biobacter

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