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Filter media > Filter media

Bio filter medium with enourmus surface
from 12.49 €*
Sera Siporax Professional 15 mm
the new form of Bio Filtration
from 6.59 €*
for reducing the nitrate content
from 3.69 €*
Juwel Nitrax -nitrate remover
high capacity biofiltration
from 7.19 €*
Seachem Matrix

filter medium for aerobe and anaerobe filtration
from 7.19 €*
Seachem de*nitrate
ultimative filter medium, removes quickly all wastes
from 13.49 €*
Seachem Purigen
mechanical biological filter medium
from 13.75 €*
for the biological cleaning of the water
from 2.69 €*
Juwel bioPlus coarse -Blue Filter Sponge coarse-

for the biological cleaning of the water
from 2.69 €*
Juwel bioPlus fine -Blue Filter Sponge fine-
removes chemical impurities from the water
from 3.10 €*
Juwel bioCarb -active carbon sponge-
for the biological cleaning of the water
2.79 €*
Juwel bioPlus fine ONE Filter Sponge
complete filter media kit for external filter
75.95 €*
EHEIM Media Set for professionel 3e 2076/2078

complete filter media kit for external filter
103.95 €*
EHEIM Media Set for professionel 3 2080/2180
for Compact, Standard und Jumbo
from 1.20 €*
ZooBest filter fleece Juwel
for Juwel internal filters
from 1.10 €*
Juwel bioPad Filter Poly Pads
biological filter media for Juwel internal filters
from 5.79 €*
Juwel Cirax

reduces effectively phosphate
from 5.89 €*
Juwel Phorax
highly effective active carbon
from 7.49 €*
Juwel Carbax
binds quickly and effectively ammonium
from 5.79 €*
Juwel Amorax -Ammonium Remover-
aquarium filter accelerator
3.79 €*
Juwel bioBoost

Filterwool for the fine filtering
from 0.99 €*
ZooBest Filterwool
Filterwool for biological filtering
from 1.45 €*
ZooBest Filterwool -Biolen-
Filterwool for the rough filtering
from 1.69 €*
ZooBest Filterwool blue, extra coarse
unique filter medium
from 11.29 €*
Arcadia Poly-Filter

for removing phosphate
from 10.95 €*
mechanical filter material
from 8.95 €*
highly porous, biological filter medium
from 13.49 €*
EHEIM Substrat
biologically Nitrate reduction, reduces alage growth
19.95 €*
JBL BioNitrat Ex

removes phosphate from fresh and sea water
10.99 €*
JBL PhosEx ultra
Hollow ceramic cylinders for mechanical filtration
from 8.49 €*
filters even finest particles
from 8.99 €*
Sera Crystal Clear Professional
filter material and bacterium food
from 28.90 €*
Aqua Medic Deniballs

filter material for the natural nitrate reduction
12.95 €*
Aqua Medic Denigran
White Intensive Biofilter Pellets
13.09 €*
JBL Micromec
White Intensive Biofilter Rings
13.09 €*
JBL SintoMec
special filter fleece material
6.79 €*
JBL SymecMicro

prevents diatoms, removes silicate
19.95 €*
JBL SilikatEx rapid
Phosphate remover
14.29 €*
EHEIM Phosphate out
biologically filter medium for all filter systems
from 10.50 €*
very clean and powerful active carbon
from 5.89 €*
Fluval Carbon

highly concentrated filter peat
5.29 €*
Fluval Peat Granules
mechanical filter media for all filter systems
6.29 €*
Fluval Pre Filter
removes immediately harmful ammonia
6.79 €*
Fluval Ammonia Remover
combination of active acrbon and ammonia remover
6.79 €*
Fluval Zeo-Carb

removes phosphate, nitrite and nitrate
9.79 €*
Fluval ClearMax
synthetic filter wool
from 1.49 €*
Sera Filter wool

for the biological filtration
6.85 €*
Tetra BF 1200 Biological foam for EX 1200
3.19 €*
Tetra FF 1200 Fine filter fleece for EX 1200
for the biological filtration
7.19 €*
Tetra BB Bio filter balls
for the mechanical filtration
5.89 €*
Tetra CR Ceramic filter rings

remove chemicals, smells and pesticides
from 6.89 €*
Tetra CF Carbon filter medium
Bio filter medium for fresh and salt water
from 4.79 €*
Sera Siporax mini Professional
slicate removal in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
8.99 €*
Sera Silicate Clear 500 g
removes algae nutrients, prevents algae
7.89 €*
sera Siporax algovec Professional

removes pollutants, prevents water pollution
7.89 €*
sera Siporax bio active Professional
for phosphate removal
7.79 €*
Sera phosvec granules
chemically effective, acid filter peat
8.75 €*
EHEIM Torf-Pellets
pre filter cartridges for Fluval FX Series
16.49 €*
Fluval Foam Pre-Filter FX Series

blue fine filtering fleece pad FX Series
4.95 €*
Fluval Fine Filter Foam FX Series
medium rough pads for biological filtration
9.95 €*
Fluval Bio Foam FX Series
active carbon filter pads for Fluval FX Series
9.95 €*
Fluval Active Carbon Foam FX Series
filter pad for ammonia removal
8.99 €*
Fluval Ammonia Remover for FX

filter pad for nitrite removal
8.99 €*
Fluval Nitrite Remover for FX
filter pad for phosphate removal
8.99 €*
Fluval Phosphate Remover for FX
pre filter insert for Fluval Canister Filter
from 3.25 €*
Fluval Foam Pre Filter Cartridge Series 04/05/06/07
medium rough pads for biological filtration
from 3.89 €*
Fluval Bio Foam Cardridge Series 04/05/06

fine filter fleece pads for Fluval FX Series
from 3.95 €*
Fluval Fine Filter Cartridge Series 04/05/06
Premium Bio/Mech Filtration
from 4.99 €*
Fluval Bio-Foam Max 06/07 Series
filter pad for ammonia removal
from 5.99 €*
Fluval Ammonia Remover for 07 series
filter pad for nitrite removal
from 5.99 €*
Fluval Nitrite Remover for 07 series