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Juwel Cirax

Juwel Cirax

biological filter media for Juwel internal filters
 Bioflow 3.0/Compact 5.89 EUR 
 Bioflow 6.0/Standard 7.75 EUR 
 Bioflow 8.0/Jumbo 9.39 EUR 

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  • Cirax is the new biological filter medium from Juwel aquarium.

    - Highest water quality due to effective biological cleaning
    - Extremely large surface due to highly porous filter material
    - Juwel Cirax can be use in fresh or salt water aquariums
    - the filter material is reusable and easy to clean

    Juwel Cirax comes in a filter media container. It will be fit perfectly to your Juwel filter system:

    + Compact, Compact H, Compact Super, Bioflow Super, Bioflow 3.0
    + Standard, Standard H, Bioflow 6.0
    + Bioflow 8.0, Jumbo

    Please choose the correct one for your filter.

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    at 25.11.2015:
    Guter und preiswerter Filter. Hatten noch nie Probleme damit