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Medications & Cures

wholesome for all fish
from 2.99 €*
Easy-Life Voogle
for the mineralization of osmosis water
from 22.79 €*
Preis Discus Minerals
against green algae
from 4.99 €*
Easy-Life AlgExit
works against blue-green or slime algae
from 4.99 €*
Easy-Life Blue Exit

Fungus, Finrot and Bacteria Treatment
from 4.99 €*
eSHa 2000
Anti Whitespot Treatment
from 3.49 €*
against bacterial slime disease
from 3.49 €*
treatment for Discus and other Cichlids
from 6.79 €*

Trace elements, minerals and vitamines
from 3.49 €*
eSHa Optima
Adds vitality to the aquarium
from 6.95 €*
Dennerle Perfect Plant S7 VitaMix
Anti Algae Treatment
from 7.49 €*
eSHa Protalon-707
trace elements for fresh water
from 7.59 €*
hw Tracevit

Multi-vitamin-complex for fish
from 7.90 €*
hw Multivit
mild, biological algae control
from 4.69 €*
Tetra AlguMin
treatment against gill and skin worms
from 13.49 €*
Sera Phyto med Tremazid
to fight single-celled parasites
from 8.79 €*
Sera Protazol

against intestinal parasites and hole in the head disease
from 8.85 €*
Sera Flagellol
against external bacterial infections
from 13.29 €*
Sera Phyto med Baktazid
against nematodes
from 9.19 €*
Sera Nematol
against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and other single celled skin parasites
from 8.49 €*
Sera Phyto med Protazid

fights all species of algae
from 6.79 €*
Hobby Algenkiller
liquid multi-vitamin-preparation
from 5.29 €*
Sera Fishtamin
eliminates red slime algae in seawater
from 15.49 €*
Aqua Medic REEF LIFE antired
Trace elements, Vitamins and Minerals
from 4.49 €*
eSHa Minaroll

for the care of gills and intestines
from 17.95 €*
PREIS Carely
reliably combats bacterial diseases
from 4.49 €*
Sera baktopur
treatment with broad range effect
5.19 €*
Sera omnipur A
cure against Ichthyophthirius
from 4.49 €*
Sera costapur F

fight and prevention of ektoparasites
from 5.29 €*
Sera ectopur
fight against fungus illnesses
from 4.49 €*
Sera mycopur
for increasing of water hardness
from 5.29 €*
Sera mineral salt
against mycoses and parasites
from 6.99 €*
Hobby Ektozon N

effectively fights algae in freshwater aquariums
from 6.99 €*
JBL Algol
for long-term destruction of algae
6.95 €*
Tetra AlgoStop Depot
restores the biological balance
from 5.39 €*
Easy-Life Bio-Exit Green
restores the bacterial balance
from 5.39 €*
Easy-Life Bio-Exit Blue

against skin worms, active substance: Cyromazin
from 7.95 €*
Aquarium Munster Dactymor Forte
cure against fungal infection
from 5.89 €*
Aquarium Münster Dessamor
for the treatment of Ichtyophtirius
from 6.69 €*
Aquarium Münster Faunamor
for the treatment of skin diseases
from 6.69 €*
Aquarium Münster Odimor

universal treatment against infections
from 6.79 €*
Aquarium Münster Ektomor
treatment against most infections
from 7.75 €*
Aquarium Münster Medimor
agains skin deseases, safe for invertebrates
from 8.69 €*
Aquarium Münster Protomor
against swelling, wounds, ulcers, fryed fins
from 9.79 €*
Aquarium Münster Virumor

treatment against worm infections and other parasites
from 8.39 €*
Aquarium Münster Argumor
treatment against intestinal flagellates
from 8.29 €*
Aquarium Münster Hexamor
for tranquilisation, sedation and anaesthetisation
26.95 €*
Aquarium Munster Narcomor Plus
with telescopic handle
9.49 €*
Dennerle Snail Catcher

for aquatic turtles
from 2.99 €*
eSHa Tortufit
medicine against parasitic crustaceans
from 8.75 €*
eSHa alx
bacterial culture for the biological balance
4.95 €*
eSHa Aquabacter
displaces red slime algae
from 6.69 €*
Easy-Life Excital

9.39 €*
Sera Snail collect
Oxygen tablets for aquariums
10.69 €*
Hobby Oxyletten
intensive alga-figh with fast effect
5.19 €*
Tetra Algizit
fights snails without chemicals
9.49 €*
JBL LimCollect -Snail Trap-

Mineral solution for increasing carbon hardness
from 11.39 €*
Formel Preis Korall
For the restoration of trace elements and minerals
from 9.69 €*
PREIS Mineral-Komplex S
remedyt for the most common fish diseases
7.19 €*
Tetra Medica GeneralTonic Plus
effective medicinal for white spot disease
8.95 €*
Tetra Medica ContraIck Plus

against external infections by fungi in early stages
from 12.49 €*
sera Phyto med Mycozid
against external infections by fungi, bacteria, parasites
7.95 €*
sera Phyto med Catappa
remedy for any kind of worm infestations
9.95 €*
Tetra Medica TremaCestoNemaEx
highly effective against flagellates
9.29 €*
Tetra Medica HexaEx

effective product against fungal infections
6.29 €*
Tetra Medica Fungi Stop Plus
to the prevention and long-time-fight
6.29 €*
Tetra Algetten
Wide Range Marine Treatment (with inverts)
from 5.79 €*
wide range medicine for sea water
from 5.99 €*
eSHa Trimarin

against Oodinium in marine aquarium
from 8.39 €*
hw Odinex
natural control of algae
from 11.49 €*
amtra Algenkur X
stops algae growth
from 4.79 €*
amtra Algenkur
effective planaria trap
5.39 €*
Hobby Planaria X

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