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Sera Snail collect

Sera Snail collect

Sera Snail collect

Snail trap
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  • Snails are attractive aquarium inhabitants - provided their number within the biotope is in order. In case of overpopulation they can quickly become a pest. The new snail trap sera snail collect limits the multiplication of the mollusks without any chemical agents ! Place a food tablet in the center of the trap and wait during the night. At the next morning the sanils are in the trap. A second, immovable grid consisting of separate bars can be placed in front of the first one. The distance between the bars can be adjusted individually. Accordingly, the sera snail collect can be adjusted to the size of the animals to be caught - at the same time, no fish can enter and, in the worst case, die. The sera snail collect combines simplest usage with maximum safety !

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    at 06.01.2017:
    хорошо ловит улиток

    good catches of snails

    at 08.01.2017:
    Very good item.
    My aquarium was full of snails and now i got the most of them out of it.