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Aquarium Münster Virumor

Aquarium Münster Virumor

Aquarium Münster Virumor

against swelling, wounds, ulcers, fryed fins
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 14x500 mg 7.39 EUR (0.00 €/m) 
 420 g 27.95 EUR (66.55 €/kg) 

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  • Aquarium Münster Virumor is a medication for ornamental fish for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections (Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Streptococcus, Columnaris, etc.), viral diseases and fungal infections (Saprolegnia, Achlya). Various changes are symptomatic of these infections, such as loss of skin and scales, swelling, areas of surface cracking to deep pitting, open sores with and without reddening of the surrounding tissue, ulcerous growths, frayed fins, lethargic or frenzied movements, lurching movements, spasms, general darkening, distended abdomen with protruding scales, cotton wool-like deposits in tufts.

    Dosage and application of Aquarium Münster Virumor:
    Prepare a solution of virumor, allowing 500 mg for every 100 l of water, and add the solution to the aquarium or garden pond every day for 7 days, distributing it evenly. Restrict food intake to small quantities during the treatment period. If symptoms persist, the treatment can be repeated after waiting for one day. The medication can be added weekly as a prophylactic measure (preventive measure), allowing 100 mg for every 100 l of water, in order to significantly lessen the impact of any infection and to reduce the risk of infection.

    Aquarium Münster Virumor is available are the following contents:
    - 14x500 mg = 7 g for 200 l of water
    - 420 g for 12,000 l of water

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