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sera pH/KH-minus

sera pH/KH-minus

sera pH/KH-minus

for the safe reducing of the KH and pH value
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  • Some fish species (e.g. discus and angelfish) are adapted to very soft water and require these conditions in particular for reproducing. However, the water can provide too high carbonate hardness (KH), or the pH may have risen too strongly due to natural metabolism processes, also when keeping other fish species. In these cases, sera pH/KH-minus provides reliable and quick support. The pH value and the KH are immediately and precisely lowered and regulated. This creates appropriate keeping conditions that considerably contribute to the vitality and the fish doing well.

    sera pH/KH-minus
    + lowers pH and KH
    + adjusts the carbonate hardness
    + regulates the pH value
    + for appropriate soft and slightly acidic water

    Recommended dosage sera pH/KH-minus
    For lowering the carbonate hardness (KH) by approx. 1°dKH daily, add 5 ml sera pH/KH-minus for every 5.3 US gal. (20 l) of water.
    - for lowering KH and pH
    - for immediate help in case of acute intoxications by ammonia
    - for preparing the application of sera super peat (adjust KH to 4°dKH with sera pH/KH-minus, then establish permanently stable soft water conditions with sera super peat)

    Daily repeat the dosage until the desired result is achieved. Do not add more than the double dose per day, as sudden KH changes by more than two degrees are not tolerated by all animals! Aerate the water well during application. Do not let the KH sink below 3°dKH (monitor with the sera kH-Test), as otherwise there is the risk of suddenly sinking pH values!

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    at 06.05.2022:
    A safe way to control water ph. If used with caution, very safe , and slow variation in ph. I use it to low ph for discus

    at 09.04.2021:
    Schnell geliefert und gut verpackt. Damit lässt sich das Aquariumwasser gut einstellen. Hatte Anfangs immer Probleme mit zu hohen KH Werten. Jetzt passen sie super. Die Fische freuen sich!

  • Alexander M. wrote about sera pH/KH-minus in May 2022:
    A safe way to control water ph. If used with caution, very safe , and slow variation in ph. I use it to low ph for discus

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