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Easy-Life Catappa-X

Easy-Life Catappa-X

Health & Colour Booster
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  • Easy-Life Catappa-X is a liquid catappa leaves concentrate for fish and shrimps in fresh water aquaria. Leaves from the Catappa tree are known for their healing effect on fish and shrimp: they lower germ density (less pathogens), prevent fungal infections, improve growth, prevent problems with the slime coat and situmlate the vitality and colouring of shrimp and fish. The disadvantage is often that these leaves turn the water brown and bring additional organic impurities. Easy-Life Catappa-X do not have these disadvantages, but it has all the advantages. The aquarium water remains clear, while the vitality and color of fish and shrimp improved.

    Dosage Easy-Life Catappa-X:
    normal dosis: 10 ml on 100 litres of aquarium water weekly.

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  • Reviews for Easy-Life Catappa-X:
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    at 07.01.2016:
    I use it in my Discus Aquarium and it is very beneficial!!!!

    at 11.01.2016:
    Ideal for Discus aquarium especially if you want the benefits of catapa leaves without the dark colour.

    at 02.09.2016:
    Wie vom Hersteller Easylife nicht anders erwartet, sehr zufriedenstellende Ergebnisse. Meine Diskus strahlen in ihren besten Farben und sind der vital. Empfehlenswert :)