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Easy-Life Potassium

Easy-Life Potassium

Easy-Life Potassium

Potassium addition for water plants
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 500 ml 6.79 EUR (13.58 €/L) 

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  • Easy-Life Potassium is a concentrated source of potassium for the application at the aquarium. Potassium is extremely important for strong plant growth and should be kept to the correct levels. Particularly in aquarium with a lot of plants and strong lighting, potassium can be a limiting growth factor. Easy-Life Potassium also promotes the assimilation and tranport of nutrients and trace elements by the plants. Easy-Life Potassium is multiple stabilized and nitrate and phosphate free.

    Use of Easy-Life Potassium:
    10 ml per 100 l of water increases the potassium concentration with 4 ppm (4 mg/l). In the majority of cases, the dosing of 10 ml per 100 litres of aquarium water is more than sufficient every week.

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    Easy-Life Dosing Pipette 5 ml0.79 * 1.99 €
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    at 12.01.2017:
    Easy-Life is a good value for the price - quality.My plants love it.I advise you to purchase.Thanks