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Dennerle Humin Elixier

Dennerle Humin Elixier

Dennerle Humin Elixier

tropical humic substances and fulvic acids
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  • Dennerle Humin Elixier is an water conditioner with extracts of oak bark, alder cones and catappa leaf. Dennerle Humin Elixier makes it especially easy to acclimatise and care for all fish from black water regions, such as discus, neons, scalars, dwarf cichlids and long-whiskered catfish. The water conditions like those in nature reduce stress. Humic and tannic substances strengthen the mucous membrane and therefore reduce the risk of skin diseases. Humin Elixir increases spawning and hatching rates. Healthy fish that feel good display their vibrant colouring in all ist glory. Particular advantage: Humin Elixir contains humic and tannic substances that only have a weak colouring effect or none at all. In contrast with many conventional peat products the water does not take on an unsightly brown colour. Guaranteed free from phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid.

    Dennerle Humin Elixier
    + mixture of valuable humic and fulvic acids for habitat-appropriate treatment of aquarium water
    + inhibits harmful germs, prevents diseases
    + for the successful husbandry and breeding of fish and shrimps that are used to humic substances in their native waters
    + creates species-appropriate water conditions like those in the natural habitat
    + promotes balanced growth, health, vitality and vibrant colours
    + the aquarium water does not take on an unsightly yellow colour
    + promotes reproduction, provides the best conditions for successful breeding
    + promotes beneficial bacteria
    + protects the mucous membrane and gills of fish
    + protects the shell and gills of shrimps and crayfish
    + binds harmful heavy metals
    + promotes plant growth by reactivating nutrients (chelation)
    + has a slightly acidifying effect and stabilises the pH value

    Dosage of Dennerle Humin Elixier:
    Add 20 - 40 ml for 100 litres of aquarium water. One srew cap corresponds to approx. 20 ml.

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