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Microbe-Lift Special Blend

Microbe-Lift Special Blend is a complete eco-system in a bottle. For the use in Salt and Fresh water.
Microbe-Lift Special Blend

Microbe-Lift Special Blend

Complete Eco-System in a Bottle
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 118 ml 10.70 EUR (90.68 €/L) 
 251 ml 16.99 EUR (67.69 €/L) 
 473 ml 22.45 EUR (47.46 €/L) 
 3785 ml 129.90 EUR (34.32 €/L) 

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  • Microbe-Lift Special Blend is a complete eco-system in a bottle. For the use in Salt and Fresh water.

    Features and other benefits of Microbe-Lift Special Blend:
    + Dramatically reduces need for water changes
    + Reduces the frequency of cleaning
    + Good for salt and freshwater fish
    + Chemical free!
    + A new tank starter for biological cycling and boosting
    + An organic waste degrader
    + Naturally stimulates plant growth
    + Lowers ammonia levels and biologically reduces nitrates
    + Removes odors and clears cloudy water
    + Biological maintainer for established tanks
    + Enhances ability of plants to utilize light, water and nutrients
    + Breaks down residue on gravel, plants ,rocks, etc.
    + Breaks down protein foam

    These bacteria are compatible with biological filters and UV lights. The UV lights should be turned off for 48-72 hours after the introduction of this product. This will allow the bacteria to progress through their most active growth stage. Microbe-Lift Special Blend can not neutralize chlorine, chloramine or heavy metals. Microbe-Lift Special Blend works well with activated carbon and is compatible with copper based products.

    Dosage Microbe-Lift Special Blend:
    Dosage for 100 litres of aquarium water: Start dosage: first day: 25 ml, day 8, 15, 22, 29: 15 ml. Maintenance dosage: every 14 days 7,5 ml

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  • Reviews for Microbe-Lift Special Blend:
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    at 11.05.2017:
    Of the best mixtures of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to have a stabilized aquarium

    at 12.01.2016:
    Eines der besten Zusätze die ich kenne immer wieder im Einsatz in meiner Aquaristik, unter anderem kristall klares Wasser