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Tetra AquaSafe

Tetra AquaSafe

makes tap water fish friendly
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 100 ml 3.39 EUR (33.90 €/L) 
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 500 ml 8.95 EUR (17.90 €/L) 
 5000 ml 44.49 EUR (8.90 €/L) 

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  • Tetra AquaSafe is a water conditioner that immediately transforms aggressive tap water into near-natural aquarium water suitable for fish -a now new with BioExtract for healthy and clear water.

    + Tetra AquaSafe neutralises substances in the tap water that are harmful to fish: elimination of chlorine as well as highly effective and permanent binding of heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead
    + adds essential substances from the fish's natural habitat that tap water cannot provide: iodine for vitalisation of the fish, magnesium to promote growth and well-being, vitamin B to combat stress
    + gills and mucous membranes are effectively protected by noticeable care colloids in Tetra AquaSafe
    + the new BioExtract formula with natural biopolymers promotes the growth of useful bacteria for healthy and clear water

    Application of Tetra AquaSafe:
    For use when adding tap water, transporting fish and for quarantine treatment. Tetra AquaSafe improves breeding conditions and promotes plant growth. Regenerates fish after treatment for disease. Ideal for use in combination with Tetra AquaSafe is TetraAqua EasyBalance, which can be used to stabilise your water values, thus reducing the number of water changes required. For both freshwater ornamental fish and marine fish. Dosage: 5 ml on 10 litres of water.

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    at 23.01.2016:
    Good item that does what it should.

    at 17.06.2017:
    teh bes conditiooner for fresh water aquariuns , in my opinion and whit the excelent price in this site!!!