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makes tap water fish friendly
15.85 €*
Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 2x500 ml
makes tap water fish friendly
from 3.79 €*
Tetra AquaSafe
creates natural black water
from 8.85 €*
Tetra ToruMin
Promotes vitality of the fish
from 4.29 €*
Tetra Vital

creates a healthy biotope for fish and plants
from 4.29 €*
Tetra Easy Balance
reduces nitratem significantly
from 3.89 €*
Tetra NitrateMinus
reduces nitrate for 12 months
from 8.49 €*
Tetra NitrateMinus Pearls
makes aquarium water crystal clear
from 3.95 €*
Tetra CrystalWater

enables instant introduction of fish
from 6.39 €*
Tetra SafeStart
promotes permanent biological activity
from 5.89 €*
Tetra Filter Active
reduces reliably high phosphate values
from 3.89 €*
Tetra Phosphate Minus
adjustment of pH and carbonate hardness level
6.39 €*
Tetra pH/KH Plus

reduction of pH and carbonate hardness levels
9.49 €*
Tetra pH/KH Minus
enables faster aquarium start
8.39 €*
Tetra Bactozym 10 Kapseln
removes organic pollutants
from 6.85 €*
Tetra Biocoryn
makes tap water safe for crustaceans
4.79 €*
Tetra Crusta AquaSafe

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