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reliably increases pH and CH
from 5.39 €*
JBL pH-Plus (Aquakal)
removes immediately ammonia, nitrite, chloride
from 4.95 €*
JBL Detoxol
bacteria-starter concentrate, water detoxifier
from 9.49 €*
JBL Denitrol
for crystal-clear aquarium water
from 5.49 €*
JBL Clearol

Water cleaner the natural way
from 3.95 €*
JBL Clynol
Water conditioner with Aloe vera
from 3.95 €*
JBL Biotopol
Water conditioner with Aloe vera
8.95 €*
JBL Biotopol Refill Pack
creates tropical water environment
from 5.29 €*
JBL Tropol

from 5.29 €*
JBL pH-Minus
reduces stress
from 5.49 €*
JBL Acclimol
Water conditioner for crustacea and shrimps
3.95 €*
JBL Biotopol C
removes quickly phosphate from the water
from 5.39 €*
JBL PhosEx rapid

first class tropical almond leaves
9.89 €*
JBL CatappaXL
Mineral Salts for East African cichlids
12.39 €*
JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganyika
minerals for soft and osmosis water
12.39 €*
JBL Aquadur
living cleansing bacteria for immediate aid
4.39 €*
JBL ProClean Bac

15,000,000 living helpers for the filter
3.79 €*
JBL FilterStart
Optimises the efficiency of the filter
3.79 €*
JBL FilterBoost
Aquarium start-up in only 15 minutes
5.69 €*
JBL StartKit
conditioner for Betta aquaria
3.95 €*
JBL Nano Biotopol Betta

Nano tropical almond leaves
7.95 €*
JBL Nano Catappa

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