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JBL CatappaXL

JBL CatappaXL

first class tropical almond leaves
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  • JBL CatappaXL -tropical almond leaves, natural water conditioner for aquariums.

    +Natural water conditioner and mucuos membrane protection by replicating the natural habitat of our aquarium inhabitants.
    +Promotes well-being, vitality and readiness to spawn .
    +Tannins prevent disease.
    +Natural decorative material.
    +Welcome natural additional food for plecos and shrimps
    +Vital for the care and breeding of Betta species.
    +Harvested straight from the tree, cleaned, flattened and sun-dried.

    Instructions for use JBL CatappaXL:
    Add directly to the aquarium, using 1 leaf per 50-100 l water. The leaf sinks to the floor after one to two days. The effective ingredients are released over one to three weeks. At this point, a new leaf can be added. The old leaves can be removed or left in the aquarium as a food dupplement for plecos and shrimps. Content: 10 pcs

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    at 13.12.2015:
    Nehme diese Blätter regelmäßig, um das Wasser etwas dunkler zu bekommen, damit weniger Algen wachsen, es funktioniert, sieht auch schön aus