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EHEIM Set of filter pads for professionel 4+

EHEIM Set of filter pads for professionel 4+

EHEIM Set of filter pads for professionel 4+

fine and prefilter pads for the professionel 4+
  10.95 EUR 

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  • EHEIM Set of filter pad and filter fleece consist of one pre filter pad and 4 filter fleece suitable for the EHEIM external filters professionel 4+ 250/350/600 (2271,2273,2275), EHEIM professionel 4e + 2274 also for the thermo filters EHEIM professionel 4+ 250T/350T (2271, 2273).

    blue filter pad:
    On account of the integrated pre-filter, the particles of dirt are extracted from the in-flowing water before the actual filtration process takes place in the filter baskets, which increase the lifetime.

    white filter fleece:
    Fine dirt particles are trapped in the fine filter pad before water re-enters into the aquarium.

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  • Reviews for EHEIM Set of filter pads for professionel 4+:
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    at 17.02.2016:
    The box contains 4x white fleece pads and 1x foam pad blue. Easy to fit and work well. These are for the EHEIM external professionel 4+ filters only.

    at 09.03.2017:
    Gute Filtermatten zu einem sehr guten Preis

    at 24.03.2017:
    Very good Filter set, will definitely buy them again

    Thanks Erwin

    at 19.04.2017:
    handy back up