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EHEIM Reeflex UV 800

EHEIM Reeflex UV 800

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  • The EHEIM Reeflex UV 800 is a higly effective UV clarifier unit for fresh and marine water aquariums from approx. 400 up to 800 litres. The EHEIM Reeflex UV 800 clarifiersuse UV-C radiation to clean aquarium water in fresh and sea water aquariums and are operated in the filter systems water cycle (discharge side) or by using a separate circulation pump (not included). Aquarium water permanently flows through a glass tube and past the UV-C bulb inside the aluminium body. As a result, free-floating algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens are reduced or eliminated. The EHEIM Reeflex UV 800 clarifiers ensure that aquarium water is clean and crystal-clear, keeping the fish healthy.

    Benefits of the EHEIM Reeflex UV 800
    + quickly and effectively reduces microorganisms in the water
    + eliminates torpidity caused by algae or bacteria
    + internally fitted high gloss aluminium reflects the UV-C light and ensures extra efficient sterilisation
    + excellent results with low energy consumption (1,8 times higher effectiveness than conventional UV-sterilisers)
    + no performance loss, as the water is redirected using a special design
    + ideal also for breeder tanks, reduces risk of infection
    + attached purification bacteria are retained in the filter, because only floating organisms are captured
    + simple and safe maintenance and cleaning
    + AUTO-OFF: automatic safety cut-off when changing lamp
    + simple fastening in or on cabinet or side of tank

    technical Data EHEIM Reeflex UV 800:
    - for fresh and marine water from 400 up to 800 litres
    - through flow 600-1200 l/h
    - pressure max. 0.80 bar
    - power consumption 230V/50 Hz 11 W
    - hose connection: 16/22 mm
    - Dimensions (width x height x depth) 106 x 523 x 149 mm

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    EHEIM Replacement bulb for Reeflex UV18.65 * 19.50 * 21.95 €

    Here you can order spare parts for your EHEIM UV sterilizer reelexUV 800 (3723).Please click the description in the table, or the number in the picture for selecting a spare part.
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  • Reviews for EHEIM Reeflex UV 800:
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    at 28.11.2015:
    Very good product!
    Be careful, to be used in large aquariums (see specifications), because in small ones it will wipe out every fertilizers that exist in the water column.

    at 13.04.2017:
    A qualitative, effective, economical sterilizer, top quality and premium materials.

    at 19.05.2017:
    Отличный стерилизатор. Прост в установке.Всем советую