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EHEIM MultiBox

EHEIM MultiBox

EHEIM MultiBox

maintenance box for aquarium care
  17.95 EUR 

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  • The EHEIM MultiBox is a clever and extremely practical idea for both aquarium maintenance and aquascaping, keeping everything you need at your fingertips.

    + Practical, hook on container for maintenance work and aquascaping
    + Section for plant residue, algae and other waste
    + Can be used for carrying wet items (internal filters) to the sink or waste to the bin
    + Compartment for acclimatising tank inhabitants to a different or new environment
    + Quarantine or treatment compartment
    + Divided lids prevent fish from jumping out (opening for ventilation hose included)

    Secure fit:
    + Simply hang on the aquarium or, if the aquarium hood makes this impossible, on the cabinet door
    + Hanging bracket can be adjusted from 4mm (for aquarium glass) to 20mm (for cabinet doors).
    + Spacer for vertical adjustment – locked in position at the bottom of the box
    + 6 eyelets to hang on tools (tweezers, scissors, fish net, glass scraper etc.).

    Ideal dimensions:
    + Dimensions (L x W x H): 310 x 187 x 101 mm
    + The box can be filled with up to 2.5 l of water.
    + The size of the box is ideal for acclimatising fish to their new environment as, once settled, they can be gently caught and released into the aquarium with a small net. This reduces the risk of infection, as no external water is introduced into the aquarium.

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  • Reviews for EHEIM MultiBox:
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    at 28.03.2016:
    Praktische, solide Box

    at 19.04.2017:
    strong plastic built and good utility value while water changes. However, a bit bulky. So i dont prefer hanging on tank except during major water change