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JBL Denitrol

JBL Denitrol

bacteria-starter concentrate, water detoxifier
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  • Your aquarium needs JBL Denitrol, because the beneficial cleansing bacteria contained in JBL Denitrol clean the aquarium water by biological means and rapidly break down pollutants. Especially in newly set up aquariums, the result is the best possible healthy aquarium water within a short space of time.

    JBL Denitrol 10 billion (per 100 ml) of 8 different harmless species of bacteria with synergic effect in a new formula, designed for the specific breakdown of organic impurities (mould, feed residues), ammonia and nitrite in the aquarium water.

    -Per ml 1 million live, pollutant-decomposing bacteria in a phosphate and nitrate-free nutrient solution.
    - 8 bacteria cultures working in synergy to break down proteins (heterotrophic bacteria), ammonium and nitrite.
    - 24 to 48 hours after administering JBL Denitrol, the first fish can be introduced to the new aquarium.

    Dosage: 100 ml are sufficient for 7500 liter by partitial changes of water or 625 l by newly established

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    at 07.07.2016:
    Hält was es verspricht. Mit Wassertest nachgeprüft. Schnelle Verbesserung der Wasserqualität.