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Staple food for all ornamental fish
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 100 ml 2.25 EUR (22.50 €/L) 
 250 ml 4.45 EUR (17.80 €/L) 
 500 ml 7.89 EUR (15.78 €/L) 
 1000 ml 8.95 EUR (8.95 €/L) 
 10000 ml 39.95 EUR (4.00 €/L) 

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  • Tetra Min is a staple food for all ornamental fish with stabilised vitamin C, ensures increased resistance to disease, promotes healthy growth and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms. Tetra Min consists all vital nutrients and essential trace elements. Tetra Min consists of more than 40 selected, high-quality raw materials.

    The patented BioActive formula is a special mixture of vitamins and vital nutrients combined according to the latest nutritional scientific findings.

    + Mixture of seven different flakes consisting of more than 40 high-quality raw materials
    + excellent floating and sinking behavior of the flakes provide a species appropriate food intake
    + patented BioActive formula* maintains a healthy immune system to ensure a long life
    + plus prebiotics for improved body functions and nutritional utilisation
    + excellent acceptance by all ornamental fish

    Recommended feeding for TetraMin:
    Feed the fish several times a day with only as much food as the fish can consume within a few minutes.

    Crude protein: 48 %
    Crude fat: 8 %
    Crude fibre: 2 %
    Crude ash: 11 %
    Water: 6 %

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    at 01.01.2016:
    Simply the BEST, all fish love it.